Location Igen Weyr
Position Whirlwing Wingrider
Dragon bronze Nhilechisonovath
Birthplace Nerat Hold
Played By Robert Pattinson
Player Lendai


Tall and lanky this imposing figure it. While not bound of giant muscles, there is enough of a definition to Ez'iah's physique that bespeaks of both inner and outer strength. A respectable six feet, one inch composes his entire frame from head to toe. Brown hair, either tousled in a playful manner or neatly coiffed atop his head, has slight streaks of red highlights only seen in the light of the sun. Blue-grey eyes, oval in shape, sit large and intense on his face, following along with a perfect shaped nose and a slash of a mouth that rarely sees a smile.

Black riding leathers, edged in a charcoal grey cover this young man. Expensive and well made, this man's outfit is made from the softest yet toughest of hides. Boots, shiny and new, encase his feet. Only the best to be seen adorning Ez'iah.

Common Knowledge

~ * ~ Ez'iah stood and impressed for Talicanitath and Kraakenaeth's clutch at Southern Weyr

~ * ~ Ez'iah is a Nowtimer with the usual Nowtimer ideals.

~ * ~ He is the third son of the Lord Holder of Nerat and still has many (IC) ties back to his home.

~ * ~ Ez'iah is very ambitious.



Neziah is the third son of the Lord Holder of Nerat. He comes from a large family, two older brothers, one older sister, and one younger sister. He is the fourth youngest and since women are unable to be Lord Holders, that marks him as the 3rd in line for the Hold. Needless to say, he has no chance to ever inherent Nerat. Though that did not stop his father from forcing all three sons to learn the day to day business of running a major Hold, including dealing with those pesky dragonriders. It was Lord Holder Nashirat's wish that his two younger sons could be used to further his own political agenda. While his daughters will ultimately be used as pawns to marry off to other Lord Holders, his sons could be used in other nefarious ways.

Ista Weyr visited Nerat under the flag of Search, as they are the Weyr beholden to the Hold. The Lord Holder insisted over and over that the Searchriders take both of his sons, though the dragons only had an interest in the second oldest. Neziah's older brother failed to impress, but he was ordered to stay on at the Weyr (coming back to Nerat for regular reports) until the next clutch. All the while, Neziah continued on as usual, helping his father and oldest brother maintain the hold. Shrewd is Neziah, secretly pleased by the dragon's inattentiveness towards him, so consumed they were with his other brother. Taking his own life into his hands, Neziah became a shrewd businessman with a keen mind for the fishing and timber industry, hoping his savviness would impress his father enough to renounce his eldest brother and name him successor.

Alas, it was not so. Southern Weyr came riding in Search mere days before the hatching, willing to bring any candidates to hopefully impress the large clutch. Nashirat jumped at the chance, all but throwing his youngest son at the Searchriders. Southern Continent was prime for the picking, resources just begging to be stolen if only the Nerat Lord Holder has a good in to make it so. Neziah, even the dutiful son, abandoned his plans of proving his worth to his father and headed to Southern. The very next day, the eggs hatched and he found himself impressed to a bronze. The image of himself as Lord Holder was over, instead, a more impressive thought entered the young man's mind as Nhlechisonovath bonded the two together. Neziah — now Ez'iah — as Weyrleader of ALL of Southern Continent.

As he was brought in so late into candidacy, a last ditch effort on the part of Southern Weyr to try to add more candidates for the clutch, Neziah never got a chance to really get to know the others. Thus, during weyrlinghood, while minds are soft and spongy from the shock of impression, he hopes to warp minds towards his thinking. He wishes to be King, if you will. He needs only minions and a willing goldrider to be his pawns.

Time continues on, and as such, maturity is forced. Ez'iah graduated weyrlinghood and realized the genuine disinterest his dragon had in anything other than the ladies. They were tapped into Ocelot and simply languished, feeling stuck and not knowing what to do to better his position in the Weyr. The Thread of Thread and constant pressure from his family forced his hand, causing the bronzerider to ask for a transfer to Igen Weyr. In this new, liberal Weyr, old feelings on the world will need to be checked in hand to ensure his acceptability.

Gallery / Icons


Title OOC Date Cast Summary
He Just Wanted a Hug August 24, 2013 Cerise, Dimitri, El'ai, Ellen, Ez'iah Traders and tunnelsnakes and bronzeriders, oh my!
Finish Him September 21, 2013 Alyei, Ez'iah, Kapia, Safra Ez'iah very successfully gets a rise of out Alyei, and Safra comes to the rescue. Kapia gets spattered in the scuffle.