Location Igen Weyr
Position Parhelion Wingrider
Craft Former Journeyman Herder
Dragon Bronze Travith
Birthplace Keroon
Played By Woody Harrelson
Player dojilee


Rugged could be the polite way to describe this man's very blunt features. His jawline is as square as square can be and the once straight nose has a permanent crook in it from a long ago break. Turns of life in the brutal sun have added to the lines on his face and deeply tanned his skin. His hair is kept cropped close enough that it's nearly impossible to distinguish if the color is blonde or graying although the receding hairline is still plenty evident.

Common Knowledge

  • From Keroon originally
  • Had been in Sandblast FOREVER, until that sharding wing injury
  • Spends a good amount of time in the Dustbowl
  • Generally a steady fellow.


Name Position Relationship
Amarante Journeyman Healer Niece, somehow?


Faramond was born just outside of Keroon Hold nearly thirty turns before the start of the pass. He was the second oldest of five. When it came time for apprenticeship, he didn't have to travel far. He wound up at Herder Hall where he worked with herdbeasts. Mostly bovines. Sometimes porcine. Faramond wasn't a stellar student, but he was a hard worker and eventually he worked his way up to Journeyman while still making time to see his family most every rest day like a good little former holder boy.

Shortly after he received his new knot, Igen Searchriders came a calling and took away one not so little herder boy. Faramond become F'mond when he met Travith on the sands. Weyrlinghood plodded along much like his apprenticeship had. He didn't really exceed at much, but he didn't really fail either and the start of the Pass seemed soooo far off. Fast forward a bit, and the next biggest change comes to F'mond's life with the arrival of the Oldtimers and then the return of Thread. Everything became a lot more serious. While F'mond still loves nothing more than kicking back at the Dustbowl with a cold drink after a long day of work, it will always be after a long, hard day of work. At least, until that sharding wing injury left him and Travith grounded for the past few months. The forced inactivity didn't really sit well with either of the pair and while they were both itching to get back to their old routine they strangely didn't argue much when the dragonhealers recommended they would be better suited for flying with Parhelion than with their old spot in Sandblast and the top flight.

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