Location Igen Weyr
Position Wingrider
Wing Parhelion
Dragon bronze Zinakoth
Weyrmate Erissa, rider of blue Danorath
Birthplace Ista Weyr, 11th Interval
Played By Chris Evans
Player KyaLia


At an even six feet tall with a muscular build, a strong jaw almost constantly shadowed by dark stubble, and an often intent blue-eyed regard peering out from beneath thick, level brows, G'tan can be an imposing man. Lightly tanned skin and short, dark blond hair lightened at the ends by significant amounts of sun mark him as Istan-born. In spite of the intensity he can carry, the easy, often crooked smile that sometimes curves nicely-proportioned lips can warm his entire countenance into something altogether more charming and friendly.

While he is largely laid-back, G'tan is not to be confused with a layabout, though his mannerisms sometimes earn him the title. Though he spent much of his teenage years as what basically amounted to a beach bum, G'tan was forced to grow up quickly once he Impressed Zinakoth. It's pretty difficult to get him angry, though when it happens, it's the quieter, simmering-under-the-surface anger that tends to be more frightening than baldfaced ire. There is, however, an underlying violence to him - protective in nature when it comes to those he loves and cares about being threatened, and raging if provoked under severe stress, such as a flight.

Though it may be difficult to tell at times, G'tan takes his work as seriously as he does his fun. He loves to drink, arm-wrestle, play darts, hunt…and then he'll turn around and take to drills, sweeps, watches, diplomatic situations, or Threadfall with such investment that it's hard to imagine he ever lets anything else in. Hints of his easy demeanor are always to be found in those most serious of times (except, perhaps, for Fall), levity ever present to varying degrees depending on the situation.

He's serious about the welfare of those in his wing, even if he's not in charge - though he is a good leader, if a low-key one. 'Compassionate' would be a good word for him. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty if he feels the need, though - something evidenced by the circumstances of his arrival.

Traveller from an Antique Land Bronze Zinakoth

Warm golden light dawns subtly upon classic bronzen hues infusing every inch of this lanky, craggy beast, highlighting only the very edges of each neckridge, talon, and defining curve of muscle before darkening to a dull shimmer below the reach of daybreak. Dappled desert-hued shadows shade smooth hide left beyond the touch of daylight, seeming to flicker in and out with the shifting of candlemarks and seasons. Sharp-featured yet proud, there's something ancient and watchful about this sinewy, shimmering sentinel of a dragon seemingly hewn from the stone itself.

Common Knowledge

  • G'tan lost the position of Weyrleader to V'ard after Zinakoth took a severe injury during Rhiscorath's flight in the Autumn of the 8th Turn of the Pass.
  • G'tan and Erissa have two children - their firstborn, their son Seskan, and their daughter Issaia, who was born prematurely but developed into a healthy little girl.
  • Zinakoth's first-ever goldflight win at Igen resulted in his catch of Rhiscorath on the first full day of the re-established T-Tourney. This also became G'tan's first traditionally-secured tenure as Weyrleader.
  • G'tan took over as acting Weyrleader after F'dan was killed in a surprise Threadfall near the beginning of autumn in the 5th Turn of the Pass.
  • G'tan was offered the knot of Igen Weyrsecond after G'deon requested a move to Weyrlingstaff.
  • He's weyrmated - very happily so - to Erissa, blue Danorath's rider.
  • He's from Ista Weyr, and the circumstances of his arrival at Igen were less than ideal…but he doesn't seem to mind in the least.
  • Rum is his drink of choice - unsurprising, given his origins.
  • Zinakoth is at the largest end of Nowtimer bronzes - a fact that G'tan is immensely proud of.

Uncommon Knowledge

  • Something known to only a scant handful of people (Erissa being one of them) is that G'tan has a fear of the dark. It concerns a very specific sort of darkness, but it runs deep enough that going between for the first time made him sick. With Zinakoth's help, he learned how to force the fear to the side. It's still there, but he is now very practiced in dealing with it.
  • There's a bit of hypersensitivity to pain that resonates across his link to Zinakoth - the weakest part of their bond, if G'tan is pressed to admit it. There haven't been many injuries to bring the fact to light since coming to Igen, and while he is perfectly capable of coping with the pain, he is afraid of letting anyone see the person he turns into while doing so. Were it not for Erissa, he thinks he would probably become a belligerent drunkard every time his lifemate gets hurt.


Erissa: Aside from Zinakoth, Erissa is the most important person in his life - the woman he is in love with. His weyrmate! (Who'd have thought he'd ever be weyrmated?) She began as an acquaintance from Ista who was rather instrumental in helping him change his mind about female riders. They've always had a bit of flirtatious, (mostly) friendly competition going on since Zinakoth and Danorath frequently ended up in the same flights. He'd always found her attractive, but untouchable - until they wound up at Igen at the same time. Their first night together was something G'tan later found out was marred by an unwitting addiction to a drug a trader had been dosing her with. He helped her through her withdrawals, has seen her at her lowest and highest…and has still managed to fall for her - something that scared him at first but that he fully embraces now (particularly since Erissa has echoed the sentiment). Most recently, they've welcomed their son Seskan into the world. That's right - G'tan and Erissa are parents!

Diem: Igen's Senior Weyrwoman is someone G'tan considers a friend, though he has wanted to shake some sense into her a few times over the Turns. Even so, he finds her to be one of the most level-headed goldriders he has ever met, and their relationship is a solid and trusting one. Zinakoth is rather enamoured of Zsaviranth, which certainly adds to the connection.

R'xim: While G'tan was initially wary of R'xim and believed his appointment to the second Weyrsecond spot was favoritism on F'dan's part, the ex-Reachian became someone he could trust. Indeed, he kept R'xim as his own Weyrsecond. The men are effective counterbalances to one another - G'tan's level head is a foil to R'xim's temper, while R'xim's more to-the-point and sometimes more pragmatic observations have been a great help to him, whether he agrees with those views all the time or not.

Cha'el: Another rider known from Ista, Cha'el is someone G'tan knows just well enough to call a friend. There isn't much to say except that their relationship is amicable, they have a common ground in their mutual care for Erissa, and the bronzerider respects the man. He's also rather impressed that the brownrider secured the Weyrleader spot at Southern for a time.

Delila: His mentee from the weyrling class out of Rhiscorath's first clutch, Delila is greenrider who now flies with Arroyo. G'tan finds her capable and determined, if a little sheltered - and even that has come a long way from when he'd first known her.

Jaelynn: This brownriding dragonhealer trainee is a clutchmate of Delila's. Though he thinks she's shy, G'tan likes how dedicated she is and sees a strength in her limned with sweetness.

  • G'rai - Father, rider of brown Kizarth at Ista Weyr
  • Taneilee - Mother, Assistant Headwoman at Ista Weyr
  • Eilani - Half-sister, Senior Apprentice Weaver at Ista Hold
  • Potentially several other half-siblings (largely at Ista) as the result of flights.


Gaitan was born and bred at Ista Weyr, the product of a brownrider named G'rai and the headwoman's assistant during a goldflight. His mother, Taneilee, was perhaps a little more involved in his life than most, not being a rider or in the uppermost headwoman's position. Nevertheless, Gaitan was fostered and lived a very normal, unremarkable life as a Weyrbrat. He stood twice - once at fifteen and was left standing (much to his disappointment), and again at sixteen. The second time, he walked away with bronze Zinakoth. His weyrlinghood was rather nondescript, save that he did well enough to become weyrling wingsecond upon graduating to senior weyrlinghood.

A capable pair, G'tan and Zinakoth continued to excel, rising into the wingsecond position in one of Ista's wings just before the Pass began. Zinakoth also sired a few clutches by one of Ista's junior queens. The transfer to Igen came about as the result of a strong disagreement between G'tan and his wingleader - one that came to physical blows. While initially elusive when asked the reason, the truth was that he'd been advocating the possibility of having women Stand for a clutch with no gold egg. His opinions about female riders on fighting dragons had been slowly coming around to something more liberal; it took him Turns to get to a point of acceptance. Laid back as he is, G'tan wasn't too put out by the move. He figured it was time for a change of scenery anyway.

The pair settled into rider life at Igen as part of the Whirlwind Wing under the late Weyrleader W'rin fairly quickly, the biggest adjustment being having to learn how to fly in the sandstorms plaguing Igen between late spring and early autumn. Outside his duties, G'tan found himself intensely homesick for the sea for well over a Turn, resenting the desert but also finding familiarity with it due to the nature of Zinakoth's mindscape. Also helping him adjust were a few familiar faces - Cha'el, a former Istan brownrider serving as Igen's Weyrsecond at the time of his transfer, and Erissa, a bluerider he'd also known at Ista and developed a flirtatiously competitive rapport with over the Turns. In time, he settled in more comfortably - just in time for things to become crazy.

Zinakoth began chasing Igen's queens, earthquakes happened, unrest began in the Bazaar, bandit attacks increased…and in the midst of it all, G'tan and Erissa's relationship took an unexpected turn into intimacy. However, her health and mood seemed to keep spiraling downward until she suffered a mental and physical break that turned out to be the result of withdrawals. Eventually he learned the truth - a trader from the Reika caravan got her unwittingly addicted to an inhibition-eliminating drug in the form of tea and used her new dependency to blackmail her into getting the Weyr's sweep schedules for him, resulting in the effectiveness of the bandit attacks. That put to an end, G'tan then took part in helping her recover and rejoin Weyr life, his efforts culminating in four days away with Erissa in order to work through the roots of her fears…and to establish what they were to each other.

At present, G'tan is one of Parhelion's wingriders. With the support of his friends, the strength he finds in his lifemate, and the love of his weyrmate and children, he is confident he will be able to serve well no matter in what capacity.

Theme Songs

Pompeii by Bastille - Beneath the confidence and strength G'tan wears before the world at large, there is a measure of uncertainty. He always questions whether or not he's doing enough, or could have done more. Sometimes he feels he hasn't affected much change at all. Reminding himself that such things are struggles he endures alongside everyone else is comforting.

Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth ft. Emile Sande' - An illustration of pivotal moments for G'tan and Erissa. Getting past the different walls to the root of each other was an experience both painful and beautiful in the building of their relationship. The process was foundational to the depth of love they now share.



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Promises Made, Love Shared 18 Feb 2019 05:00

Xanthee, Malosim, Amani, Evka, Ha'ze, Kyara Sesa, Cameo by G'tan

It's a perfect spring day for a weyrmating as Xanthee and Malosim celebrate this auspicious occasion with friends and family.