Head of red-haired girl.
Location Southern Weyr
Position Weyrfolk
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Living Family Mother Lanevra, numerous siblings and half-siblings.
Played By Molly Ringwald
Player yranth


The origin of Ginger's name is clear: her head is covered with short unruly curls whose colour can't be dignified with 'red' or 'auburn'. Her face, along with most other visible parts of her fair skin, is covered in freckles so dense that they almost run together. The face is thin, the nose slender and pointed and the chin almost sharp. Her chestnut eyes are perhaps her best feature; they're keen under well-shaped eyebrows. She's a skinny girl in her mid-teens, moderately tall, with modest curves above and none to speak of below, prominent elbows and knees, and wiry limbs with hard muscles.

Ginger is dressed - always - in grey trousers, hard-wearing and hard-worn, along with a skimpy sleeveless tunic for the heat, with a loose shirt slung over the top when she's in the caverns. Today's is checked in green and black, over a seafoam green cami. If it's cold, there'll also be a cable-knit sweater, or a flying jacket if she's managed to beg a ride.

Common Knowledge

  • Eldest child of a deceased brownrider and a seamstress; has a tribe of younger siblings and half-sibs.
  • Did odd jobs around the Weyr for a long while, but has now apprenticed to the Smithcraft.
  • Has stood for a couple of clutches.
  • As a child, was known as 'a bit of a handful'.
  • Has a young firelizard, who has exceptionally good lungs.



Brownrider R'gin was born at Igen; he transferred to Southern when it opened, taking his weyrmate and baby Ginger with him. Lanevra, a seamstress, was also weybred, and Ginger can tell you all the dragonriders in five generations of ancestors. Ginger herself was the result of a casual encounter, but her parents stayed more-or-less together after her conception and had four more children. R'gin wasn't exactly faithful to his weyrmate; he also provided Ginger with a selection of half-sibs before he and Rusath were lost Between coming back from Igen after a night at the Pit, when Ginger was ten. Ginger was heartbroken, because she adored her lively, funny, father. Lanevra grieved too, but was also quietly and guiltily relieved: though good-natured and devoted to his children, R'gin was rather feckless and drank too much. She has recently paired up with one of the Weyr's herdsmen and had another child.

Education and Ginger didn't entirely get on. She'd happily learn what she wanted to learn, but studiously avoided learning anything she didn't, though she'll go out of her way to pick up information that interests her. As a child she announced her intention of Impressing a fighting dragon and refused to contemplate another jpb. She appeared to be a magnet for mischief and was quite capable of leading her friends into it. She's gained enough sense to avoid serious trouble now, but she hasn't really settled down to a regular job yet. Though she's tried her hand at several and has some useful skills, she's frustrated and rather erratic, and supervisors tend to want to pass her on. Now that she's stood unsuccessfully for a couple of clutches, she's starting to understand why her mother wanted her to think about an alternative career.

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Sorted 30 Oct 2017 00:00

Fergus, Ginger

After the leaks in the Craft Complex, Ginger helps Fergus to salvage some wood. A decision is made. Also, Ginger now has clackers again!

Early Morning Pantsing 12 Nov 2017 07:00

Ginger, Tommin Ibrahim

Tommin thinks Ginger has his pants after an overnight shift. What she really has is a new knot. (and her own pants)

Two New Knots 15 Nov 2017 00:00

Th'res, Ginger

Th'res and Ginger have both acquired new knots since they last met. Ginger's also acquired Walnut. There is much catching up over lunch.