Location Igen Weyr
Position Trader/Bazaar Merchant
Birthplace Why do you want know?
Played By Rob James-Collier
Player CatBug


At just over six feet tall with black hair and eyes justifiably called "piercingly blue," Grayden has the good fortune to be handsome without straying too far into the territory of pretty. His build is such a one that probably requires at least some upkeep, trim but not chiseled, with a complexion fairer than most Igenite's have any right to claim. He often sports a sunburn in the summer, and there are crow's feet forming at the corners of his eyes from squinting against the desert glare. Although his features are well-made with a straight nose, a fine smile, dark brows, and the occasional dusting of a beard along his jawline, it's really his eyes that stand out among them - bright, electric blue with sparse lashes.

A well-kempt sort of person, Grayden keeps himself neatly shaved and is usually free of dirt and dust (despite Igen's tendency to blow the stuff around). He keeps his dark, brown-black hair clipped tidily short, never letting it get long enough that the strands fall across his forehead farther than his eyebrows. His attire shows a similar attention to detail, although he has a tendency to favor dark colors that seem at odds with the Igen climate - midnight blue, black, dark red, everything neatly tailored to him and in good repair, with the blander colors of beige or brown reserved for working attire. In fact, his wardrobe borders on "dandy" in style, with his buttons always set just so, his cuffs nice and crisp, little bits of attention to detail overall.

Common Knowledge

  • Has been around Igen for several Turns
  • Maintains a booth in the bazaar, though sometimes hires people to front it for him
  • Is almost always impeccably dressed
  • Prefers playing cards over playing dice, but will play either given the opportunity
  • Drinks but seldom to excess - at least in public
  • Has been known to provide charity to hard-luck cases

Not Common Knowledge

  • Has been known to provide shelter and/or security to pickpockets and thieves in exchange for a portion of the take
  • Will fence (or help facilitate the finding of someone to fence) stolen goods
  • Loan sharks (and is effectively ruthless when it comes to getting paid)


  • (NPC) Sammy - Big guy that serves as Grayden's right-hand-man and the muscle when needed.


It's enough to know that Grayden arrived at Igen one fine day with a case full of wares to sell, the clothes on his back, a bum-leg (long-since healed), and the willingness to turn a profit. He's undoubtedly had personal ups-and-downs since then, but intense privacy has generally kept those issues from becoming public knowledge. He must have found the bazaar lucrative enough to keep him around, as he maintains a booth there, selling various and sundry wares of the "fell off the back of the wagon" sort.

Everything else is… well, he's not the type to spill his guts, so most people probably don't know any more than that anyway.

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