Location Igen Weyr
Position Bronze rider
Birthplace Igen Weyr Bazaar
Dragon Bronze Wendryth
Played By Giulio Berruti
Player Kali


Tall and solidly built, H'rik is six foot of hard muscle. The olive-skinned man has dark brown hair, kept clipped short enough not to fall in his eyes; he wears a short beard and sideburns on his square jaw, as dark as the rest of his hair. His eyes are a piercing pale blue with dark rims, staring out from beneath thick, dark eyebrows. He holds himself with the pride of a Steen, but there's a hint of softness in his movements that betray a kind soul.

Chivalry Rides Again Bronze Wendryth

Behold and wonder, for he is the daybreak and the valour of a forgotten kingdom, illuminated in fable and weathered in fact. He is armored in the sunrise mist of a winter's morning, polished brass and aged bronze brightly gleaming with its own fiery light. He is the round tables might with his sword sharp mass of formidable ridges, he is their mercy in the gleam of his talons. His face is a faded legend, arrowheaded and refined, shrouded in a crusaders campaign charm. Mantled wings speak of time-washed majesty in the slight pinking of their voluminous folds. Each joint is a wonder of articulated artistry, a master armourers life work. His is the proud and yclept form of a knight’s prime. He is the glory of a once and future king, myth into mist, fact into fog, whispered on the winds of change.

Common Knowledge

  • H'rik is the oldest son of Vitus, the Steen patriarch who runs The Pit.
  • He lived in the Bazaar all his pre-Impression life.
  • He trained Pit Fighters, but was also (reluctantly) involved in other aspects of The Pit at his father's discretion.
  • Rumour has it H'rik didn't always see eye to eye with his father.
  • This was confirmed when his father disowned him after Impression.
  • Former position: Steen Merchant (The Pit).
  • Was Searched for the turn 11 double clutch; his father was not impressed by this at all.
  • At the hatching, Impressed bronze Wendryth from gold Rajakhelath and bronze Tlazotezath's clutch.
  • Graduated and was tapped into Parhelion Wing under R'xim.
  • Became Weyrleader at the end of the fourth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass, when Wendryth caught Diem's Zsaviranth.
  • Stopped being Weyrleader the twelfth month of the sixteenth turn of the 12th pass.

Uncommon Knowledge

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  • Visits Rosie's Daughters about once a month, discreetly.

Wendryth Knowledge

  • Sired a clutch of 38 eggs with gold Zsaviranth (NPC Clutch 15).
  • Sired a clutch of 23 eggs with gold Zsaviranth (PC Clutch 8).
  • Sired a clutch of 32 eggs with gold Zsaviranth (NPC Clutch 17).


Green Ina

Bronze Magi
Long and thin, this willowy bronze is more slender than most of his color. Shades of burnished copper and brass make up his hide, the hues reminiscent of freshly shined buttons. A patch of dark bronze covers the top of his angular head, giving him the look of a dapper gentleman complete with a hat. The wide expanse of his wings are covered in delectable shades of caramel and chocolate, looking for all the world like several treats had melted onto the transparent membranes. His eyes, slightly deep-set, always seem to maintain a spark of mischief and he forever seems to be jumping eccentrically between one pursuit and the next, forever dreaming up something new and spectacular to try.
Inspiration: Willy Wonka
Credit: R'ku


To come~


Vitus - Father
Midra - Daughter of Vitus's cousin, Daria
Ramita - Daughter of Vitus's cousin, Drekkan
Karysha - Cousin via Vitus's brother, Hullis
Sephus (NPC) - Youngest brother. Dutiful. Follows Vitus around the Pit doing odd jobs. -6 turns
Mirana - Younger (and only) sister
Maharis (deceased) - Mother; died in childbirth

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