Location Igen Weyr
Position Sr. Weyrling
Craft N/A
Dragon Blue Mhiruth
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Aaron Johnson
Player kelthero


Dark brown hair is kept short cropped along sides and back, but left to a tousled mess of natural curl on top. Bright blue eyes are set beneath heavier brow, angular features complete with a mouth that is often quirked in a mischievous smirk. His lithe build suits his height, which is above average for most men.

Despite favoring simpler clothing and outfits, he is almost always well groomed, as he’s a man who takes great pride in his image. When working, he sticks to drab, sturdier weaves that he cares not if they become covered in dried clay. Little else adorns him, save for a belt knife and, on occasion, a few tools of his trade. Pinned to his shoulder is a resident knot for Igen Weyr.

Common Knowledge

  • Has lived in Igen Weyr all his life
  • Doesn’t speak much of his parents, despite being seen speaking to his mother
  • … he never is seen with his father
  • Frequents the Cantina and other bars on a regular basis
  • … also frequents the Pit and Rosie’s, often all of the above if he’s in the mood to binge
  • He’s as arrogant as they come, very cocky and sure of himself
  • It’s not in his nature to think of helping others first… at least not right away
  • He can often be found in the central Bazaar, where the pottery shop he works in is located

NOT Common Knowledge

  • His father is dragonless and not wholly sane; sometimes he will visit but only when the man isn’t in one of his manic fits
  • Has turned down offers to fight IN the Pit; he prefers only to watch the bloodsport
  • … but that doesn’t stop him from the occasional fist fight in sidestreets
  • He’s incredibly vain and will mope for days if his recklessness leads to visible damage to his face or any part of his body that he can’t cover
  • His work brings him a sense of peace and grounding and it’s one of the reasons why he continues with it; it’s something he’s admitted to NO ONE
  • Because of his abrasive nature at times, very few can tolerate him for extended periods of time


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Ixanedre, or Xane as he’s often referred as, was born to Igen Weyr. His father was a rider and his mother a lower cavern worker. While not unloved by either parent, neither were capable of raising him and so he was fostered among the other weyrbrats.

Much of his childhood was uneventful. He had a good beginning in life, wanted for nothing and was a your typical young boy growing up. It became obvious enough early on that he was stubborn and willful and vain to a huge fault. Adding to the growing dismay of many of his caretakers, he was very uninspired to focus on important things in life; he was often impulsive in nature and constantly on the move. Yet, if Ixanedre didn’t want to do something? He wouldn’t do it — which lead to his unfortunate nickname of ‘Dray’ (Dre) by those seeking to get a rise out of him.

Just when most were giving up hope in him, by chance and circumstance, the right person noticed an innate talent in Ixanedre. Not with tools or many of the other miscellaneous tasks and skill trades available to him, but the last thing anyone would’ve expected…


It took much patience, cajoling and convincing (okay, maybe some bribery) but Ixanedre reluctantly agreed and from that day on, began the arduous task of learning his new trade. Surprisingly, he excelled at it and found pride in his work (and not himself for once!). He’s by far not perfect at it and has a long way to go, but he’s happy with his lot in life. When he’s not working on his own skill, he helps around the shop and stall in the central Bazaar.

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