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Basic Information

Name Ibrahim
Location Southern Weyr
Position Weyr Resident
Firelizards None
Birthplace Southern Jungles
Played By Lenny Kravitz
Pronunciation: “ebra-HEEM”


What He's Like

The Man From The Sea


The Seafarer

The Tide

Who He Knows

amani_default.jpg Amani Zingari Guard (Former), Southern Weyrling. She's gone and Impressed a gold. The very one she wanted to try for. She's such a lovely young woman, and here's to hoping I can see more of her, when her duties permit.
therst_default.jpg Therst He seems to be a decent sort; I've only met him the once, but I wouldn't mind getting to know him.

The Things He's Done

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Things You May Hear

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Ibrahim has had 8 scenes since May 2017.

Thanks to Reve for guidance on making this work, and a lot of work I didn't know how to do.