“When my time comes around, lay me gently in the cold dark earth; no grave can hold my body down — I'll crawl home to her…” ~"Work Song", *Hozier*


Basic Information

Name Ibrahim
Location Southern Weyr
Position Weyr Resident
Firelizards bronze Lindzei, brown Bhunivelze, brown Pulse, and green Etro.
Birthplace Southern Jungles
Played By Lenny Kravitz
Pronunciation: “ebra-HEEM”


There's an undeniable gravitas — lent by life's cruel twists — to the clean and classic lines of his face, framed by a wild mane of cromcoal-dark, chest-length waves; his dark eyes hold a certain serene wisdom, and the strong square of his chin's roughened by the ever-present prickle of beard. He's fair to middling in height and weight; his is a body made lean and hard by exhaustive labor, the muscle limning the height of him lending just that proper edge of solidity to a graceful form.

What He's Like

Alignment: Lawful Good
"Lawful Good- A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion. However, lawful good can be a dangerous alignment when it restricts freedom and criminalizes self-interest."

Gentle and quietly spoken, Ibrahim abhors unnecessary violence; he will defend himself or the defenseless quite viciously, but will tend to avoid violence if at all possible; he sees the desire to physically attack an opponent as a serious loss of control on the part of the attacker. He prefers persuasive speech, compassion, and honesty over anything else.

The Man From The Sea

Part One


Part Two

The Seafarer

Part Three

The Tide

Who He Knows

amani_default.jpg Amani Zingari Guard (Former), Southern Weyrling. She's gone and Impressed a gold. The very one she wanted to try for. She's such a lovely young woman, and here's to hoping we can remain lovers despite her new place in life.
therst_default.jpg Th'res He seems to be a decent sort; I've only met him the once, but I wouldn't mind getting to know him.
tommin_default.jpg Tommin This kid's pretty amusing. And so young I can't even begin to understand how he survives the Weyr.
f-kan_default.jpg F'kan This bastard — how does he continue to exist? He has no conscience, no sense of responsibility — he disgusts me.
xanthee_default.jpg Xanthee I've only met her once, but I can see why Amani calls her friend. She's a brave girl, and intelligent.

The Things He's Done

Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, Blue-ish 04 Jan 2018 07:00

Varden, Amani, Ibrahim, R'zel

A hypochondriac, a sleep-deprived weyrwoman, deliveries, and red tide samples - all in a morning's work for the Weyrhealer!

Meeting the Family 14 Jan 2018 07:00

Ibrahim, Amani

Ibrahim takes Amani on a little excursion into the jungle.

Don't You Forget About Me (Vig) 21 Jan 2018 06:00


Ibrahim has a nightmare, faces his fear…

Foam Party 21 Jan 2018 00:00

A'hali, Amani, Elonoora, Ibrahim, R'zel, Rielle, Tommin. Vani, Va'os, Varden, Z'bor

Fun in the foam at the Boardwalk Gather.

Flights and Things 09 Jan 2018 06:00

Amani and Zymuraith, Ibrahim

Amani and Ibrahim come to an understanding regarding flights.

Help to Sleep 05 Jan 2018 06:00

Amani, Ibrahim

Ibrahim uses his folk-healer skills to help Amani relax enough to sleep. And also they explore the idea of putting a name to their relationship.

Too Hot, Baby 22 Jan 2018 06:00

Ibrahim, Th'res

Ibrahim and Th'res escape the heat, catch up on their lives.

What a Rush! 28 Jan 2018 05:00

Xanthee, N'iel, Alsha, Eala, Ibrahim, Ko'an

A sudden rush of cutomers has Xanthee worked off her feet, conversation about the fake blue glow abounds.


Things You May Hear

Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
A Southern Slumber Party 24 Jan 2018 05:00

Amani, Xanthee, Reveka

Three best friends come together for a night of gossip, laughs and mixed drinks of course.

Sage Advice 28 Jan 2018 07:00

Willimina, Amani

Amani seeks Willimina out for a talk.

Comparing Notes 29 Jan 2018 07:00

Xanthee, Amani

Directly following her visit to Willimina, Amani tracks down Xanthee in the Dustbowl.



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