Pronunciation ih-DAR-rah
Location Southern Weyr
Position Candidate
Craft None
Dragon None
Birthplace Southern Barrier Hold
Played By Emily Kinney
Player Kali


This teenager stands barely over five foot tall, her petite frame giving her a childlike appearance. It's her clothing that helps lend her a more womanly silhouette, emphasising what little shape there is to her delicate form. Her large grey-blue eyes, rimmed by thick blonde eyelashes, look out at the world with a calm air. Her round face is pale; her nose average; lips pale pink and thin, with a cupid's bow. Pale blonde hair flows freely from a side parting to reach just beyond her shoulders, glossy and well cared-for.

Her clothing indicates someone who takes pride in their appearance, and has the marks to make it so. A rich blue dress clothes her from head to mid calf, the waist pulled in to help give the illusion of curves. Her shoulders and arms are covered by a bolero cardigan in a silvery grey, light fabric, while soft leather boots in a similar shade adorn her feet.

Common Knowledge

  • Rumour has it she arrived at Southern with a number of trunks full of possessions, and was quite perturbed when told she couldn't keep them all
  • Her aunt Jerana is an assistant headwoman at the Weyr. Idara was sent to help, and learn from her, to better run a hold. Apparently.
  • She seems to spend a lot of time working as little as possible around the Weyr.

Uncommon Knowledge


Father - Master Miner at Southern Barrier Hold
Mother - Housewife at Southern Barrier Hold
Various brothers, older and younger
Aunt Jerana - Assistant Headwoman at Southern Weyr

Potential Hooks

  • Idara's dad is a master miner at Southern Barrier Hold - does your character know him or the family?


Idara spent most of her life at Southern Barrier Hold: her father moved the family there when the Hold was opened. She moved to Southern Weyr to live near her aunt Jerana, an assistant Headwoman, and learn some additional 'household' skills from her. There was definitely no ulterior motive to her father arranging the move.

Arrived at Southern Weyr at the beginning of the tenth month of the fourteenth Turn of the 12th Pass.

Searched by R'zel of bronze Verokanth on the thirteenth day of the sixth month of the sixteenth turn of the 12th pass.

She doesn't Impress at the hatching, and goes back to…whatever it is she was doing before.

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