Location Igen Weyr
Caravan Zingari Caravan
Position Trader, Zingari Healer/Spy Adept(Not widely known)/teacher
Birthplace The Telgar Steppe
Played By Sibel Kekilli
Player The Handsome Harper
Classes Herbology 101
Linked Pages Hiring A Spy

Common Knowledge (Within the Zingari)

  • She and S'ayde are suspiciously close to those on the outside looking in
  • Unlike other Zingari, Igraine dresses in muted coloring, all the better to fit in
  • Igraine trained with S'ayde in their youth
  • Igraine is a Healer
  • Igraine is also an 'escort'. Hey if it's fun, right?
  • Call her "Iggy" and you die!!!
  • Igraine only has one nick-name, Igri((ee-gree)), and it is widely known that only those closest to her are allowed to call her that

Theme Song


There is an elvish quality to Igraine, her lithe frame and lean, salient features seemingly cut and carved from alabaster. There's an equine quality to the length of her face, though it is not unlovely, with high cheekbones and thin, cupid's-bow lips. Fine, wavy hair bears the blue-black sheen of raven's wings, the deep azure edge becoming more apparent in the gleam of Rukbat's rays. Wise brown eyes are constantly moving, taking in everything around her with keen interest and attention to detail. Her tall, fit figure boasts small breasts and wide hips, while small, dexterous hands never seem to move without purpose, deceptively still when unoccupied.
Igraine is dressed in a hunter's green set of tight leggings with a billowing olive toned tunic and a brown leather vest. She wears serviceable black boots and a utilitarian belt with several belt pouches attached. She is devoid of jewelry and has the smell of an apothecary about her.


“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
– Carl Jung

Igraine's Yurt and Work Place

From The Outside….

On the Inside…


Igraine's feet have walked many places on Pern. She was born to the Kheerin Zingari on the waving plains of the Telgar Steppes. She was raised with love amongst her people. When she was young she was found to have an affinity for the healing arts, so she was apprenticed to the clan healer, along with Tallel and a few others and began her training.

However, from a very young age, Igraine also had a growing love of martial art and the art of blade wielding, so much so, that her parents finally gave in to their daughter's pleas to begin training. This hobby coupled with her knowledge of the healing arts brought her to the attention of the Armida Zingari, who were known for churning out ruthless and efficient spies.

Igraine was welcomed into the spyling fold at the tender age of thirteen and was trained in the art of espionage and continued training in the healing arts. Later, she was found to have an affinity for poisons and began training in that as well.
She trained alongside S'ayde and a few others in a special class based on incredible merit. They all graduated together and became spy adepts, returning to their home clans or finding new ones afterwords.
By the time Igraine was a full fledged adult, she was as sneaky and as deadly as her poisons and just as skilled at saving life as she was at taking it.

She returned to her home clan and became a spy for the acting elder of that clan. But now, she has been summoned to Igen weyr by S'ayde to take on a new post. There is a new life, and new work here, and little does Igraine know, but there are more familiar faces here than just S'ayde!


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Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
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S'ayde, Zisiene

Isie finally gets important intel to S'ayde, and drops a bomb in his lap.


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