Location Igen Weyr
Weyrmated to: A’lira
Caravan Zingari Caravan
Position Zingari Healer and Escort
Birthplace The Telgar Steppe
Played By Sibel Kekilli
Player The Handsome Harper

Common Knowledge

* She is A’lira’s Weyrmate

* She used to be a spy adept and teacher

* Unlike other Zingari, Igraine dresses in muted coloring, all the better to fit in

* Igraine trained with S'ayde in their youth

* Igraine is a Healer

* Igraine is also an 'escort'. Hey if it's fun, right?

* Call her "Iggy" and you die!!!

* Igraine only has two monikers she has ever allowed anyone to use, and only those close to her. Her family calls her Igri and her weyrmate calls her Kitten.

Theme Song