Location High Reaches Weyr
Position Guard Captain
Dragon Szarabhayanath
Birthplace High Reaches Weyr
Played By Justin Timberlake
Old Logs


Age has darkened Il'ad's once-golden locks, cropped short against his scalp. Enigmatic honey reflects from his eyes, portraying the mystery of a youth but alluring innocence all the same. His complexion is rather flawless, save for a five o'clock shadow that's often donned on those too-busy mornings or late night endeavors. His figure reaches a final 6'3 inches—lean throughout the torso and legs though arms and shoulders have picked up tone over the turns, giving him what one would call definition.

Common Knowledge

** Impressed to Green Szarabhayanath
** Weyrmated to Linny (I think? Maybe?)
** Had a daughter named Lilly who died
** Brother to twin sister Lanti, an IW Senior Weyrwoman
** Half-brother to Pidgery, IW Weyrsmith (who knows what happened to him)
** Son to G'deon and Ilare, both riders at HRW (retired into the sun)
** Pretends he's straight (enough). Guys are just a recreational pasttime though he's pretty discreet about it
** Does NOT have a harem of boys in his old weyr. They're simply friends that he's giving a place to stay. Seriously.
** Sometimes says things that he probably shouldn't, due to minor distraction on Szara's behalf. Or maybe it's just interference.


Sh'z - Son, rider of bronze Lakenheath - Igen Weyr
H'ai - Son, rider of blue Rhavinaeth - Igen Weyr
Ayden - Son - Ista Weyr
Lilly - Daughter (deceased) - High Reaches Weyr
Hazil - Daughter
Dalia - Daughter
Iili - Daughter, rider of brown Jhiovharameyth - High Reaches Weyr
Jedi - Daughter, rider of brown Llioramasith - Southern Weyr

Lanti - Twin sister, rider of gold Dedanseth, Ista Weyr
Pidgery - Half-brother, Smith
G'deon - Father, rider of bronze Nylanth, High Reaches Weyr (retired)
Ilare - Mother, rider of brown Chanticoth, High Reaches Weyr (retired)

T'ii - Traitor ('cause he stole Il'ad's girl), but still BFF FOR LIFE

Linny - Girlfriend-Weyrmate-type, rider of gold Kaelidyth, High Reaches Weyr


(Alright, so admittedly, I found this on his character and I know it's REALLY OLD ((like probably 30 turns old, but it still cracks me up and I just /had/ to post it)): Despite having a position 'high up there', Il'ad really is a goofball. He can be serious when he wants to be, mostly when he's required to, but he can also be a young adult male which includes getting into mischief with his friends, or more so the Weyrleader, his best friend, and having addictions to silly games like Dragons (read: It's a card game along the lines of Magic—could possibly be an RPG like D&D, involves leveling, and an insane amount of dedication that could be used more appropriately elsewhere, but you know how things go…). Currently, Il'ad is a level 50 and damn proud of it.

Gallery / Icons


Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Doomsday in T minus 5 Turns! April 8, 2013 Il'ad, Rhaeyn After being summoned by Talicanitath to remove the (ex)Weyrwoman from the Weyrwoman's Office, Il'ad sees Rhaeyn for the first time in several turns. Does the Guard Captain obey his orders or does he have something else up his sleeve? Who's his loyalty REALLY with?
Awkward Conversations August 26th, 2013 Iliad, Lendai Iliad and Lendai happen upon each other in the kitchens. Awkwardness ensues.
Drinking Your Troubles Away August 27, 2013 Eric, Iliad Eric and Iliad bond over alcohol. Eric getsit.
Father Knows Best October 20, 2013 H'ai, Iliad H'ai gets fatherly advice from Iliad on life and love.