Location Igen Weyr
Position Trader (Zingari)
Birthplace Zingari Wagon
Played By Kris Holden-Reid
Player KeliRie


This man stands about 6'3 inches tall; he has fair skin, auburn hair and brown eyes. On the tall side, he is a rather imposing figure his build falling more to bulky than anything else. His arms are well muscled; his stomach, while not having defined abs, is not quite paunchy. Curly auburn hair is kept just long enough to be messy and most often that is how it looks. His fair skin is occasionally sunburned, but the freckles that are liberally smattered across said skin are a likely explanation. More often than not he has a closely trimmed beard and mustache, giving him a neatly roguish look.

Common Knowledge



Ilarios was born and raised in the wagons of the Zingari, Mother clan. His mother, a dancer and his father, a glass maker, had four children. Ilarios was one of the middle pair, sharing the spot with his twin brother. They got into all amounts of trouble together and they went through their training together as well, with Ilarios tending more towards weapons and swordsmanship than his brother. Aside from the usual tussles that an active child and then man of Traders can get into he’s forging his path and is as loyal as they get to his family and his Clan.

At the age of 16 turns Ilarios went through the Coming of Age Ceremony. Attaining his adulthood so that he could take his place as a guard within the Caravan. His usual choice of weapon is a sword, though he is also good with a dagger when the need calls for it. Ilarios has a big heart and won’t suffer a woman or man being abused in any type of relationship.

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