~Name: Ilhuidira
~Birthplace: Keroon Hold


Played By: Cykeem White
Age: 21 Turns
Height: 6'2"
Build: Slender
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


“So pray for me child, just for a while
And I might break out
Pray for me child, even a smile
Would do for now…” ~"Grey Room", Damien Rice


A long limbed, willow-lean young man, he's whipcord over bone and not an ounce of unnecessary fat to soften the length and lean of him. The thick mane of his hair is twisted into a multitude of whip-thin braids, gone fluffy and matted from long disregard; they hang to mid back and are left to fly where they will, often framing features as youthfully innocent as a child's: fathomless, doe-soft eyes, pert snub nose, rosebud mouth whose corners quirt slightly upward as if at some secret amusement.


Shy, friendly, playful



He was their privy child, prone to long, unrelenting silences; he was always most content out with the herds where he could think his long thoughts and cement his philosophies and stories in his head. One who lives almost wholly in his own head

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