Location Igen Weyr
Position Apothecary, Bazaar Merchant
Birthplace Small Hold outside High Reaches Hold (Oldtime)
Played By Bartek Borowiec
Player Player


The first noticeable aspect of this tall and lanky man are his long copper tresses, left free of any clasp and falling with soft waves to the middle of his back. With his pale appearance, his long face seems to enjoy the company of shadow, accentuating his deep set golden-brown eyes, high cheekbones, perky nose and full, playful lips. He has little in terms of muscle tone in his slender build, but rest assured that appearances can be deceiving.

Common Knowledge

  • Oldtimer, although has kept to the shadows over the past few Turns.
  • Husband of the Oldtime High Reaches Hold Headwoman, although maintained the position of Drudge.
  • Not very social in the least, and can appear as arrogant and rude. Despite that, he's a hard worker with good work ethic.


  • Lyllian - First born daughter in the Oldtime.
  • Sevilyn - Wife from the Oldtime, and devoted to her and the family.


Illianu was born to a small cothold in the High Reaches area during the Oldtime. He spent much of his youth there, learning the work of the land. Little is known of his youth.

Upon adulthood, he moved to High Reaches Hold itself for reasons undisclosed, and away from the family who raised him. There he worked as a drudge, diligently working but keeping to himself, the kind of worker who gets more than you'd imagine done, but still manages to avoid everyone.

Through less than romantic measures, however, he managed to bed who would later become his wife, the Headwoman Sevilyn. She urged him upon marriage after their union resulted in pregnancy, and did not want to disgrace herself. He, on the other hand, had little interest in being a loving husband, but there were benefits to be had from marrying the Headwoman, particularly from his lowly station as a drudge, so he did.

The disfunction continued, even after their first child, Lyllian, was born. However, they did grow to love each other in their own odd, twisted and perhaps slightly abusive way. And the children - and they had many - were oddly unaffected. Lyllian, most of all, understood her father, his personality, and his way of expressing love, and they would often sit above the Hold throwing rocks, spending time with each other in silence.

When the cataclysm arrived and people had an option to avoid it, Sevilyn and Illianu chose to have their eldest child go Forward in order to ensure that the bloodline continued. Lyllian went alone to the Nowtime, but Records later would find Illianu absent from them. His daughter, who grew to enjoy searching Records for her family's history chocked this up to Illianu being a drudge and of less importance. Where did he go?

Many Turns later after the landing, Illianu approached Igen Weyr with new skills than his drudgery would suggest.

He'd apparently gone Forward as well, without notifying his daughter, and the chaos of the travel was enough to hide within. Turns had been spent learning a new trade, studying under the Healer Crafthall to become an Apothecary. He had no interest in treating patients, or even interacting with people much, but there was some joy he found in managing the herbs, spices, salves, poultices and more. While he gathered his things to start a shop at the Weyr, he slowly began to let his daughter know he had arrived, leaving her gifts, and after months of these hints, they were finally reunited.

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