Location Igen Weyr
Position Apprentice
Craft Smith (Glass)
Birthplace Tillek
Played By Kelsey Chow
Player Mothyer


Heavy hair the color of ink falls in voluminous, disarrayed waves — otherwise bound in braids or by leather ties — around a long, narrow face, with high cheeks, that slopes down into a squared chin. Warm brown eyes are highly animated and set underneath equally as dark, straight brows and a high forehead. Further adding a sense of youth and femininity to her smooth countenance, is a short nose, rounded at the end, but wide across the bridge and freckled, and a pair of plump, terracotta-colored lips.

Linens and other airy fabrics comprise the majority of her wardrobe, as an homage to the climate. She seems to not be afraid of color or patterns, but prefers the flashy and ornate to the simplicity of a utility blouse or common wherhide pants. Oftentimes, she can be seen wearing a bit of glass that hangs from a length of leather cord around her neck.

Common Knowledge

  • Born and raised in Tillek.
  • Father is a Jman seacrafter, mother is a Jman Smith (ceramics).
  • Brothers are all in the seacraft as well.
  • Pleasant, mostly.
  • Makes glass and loves it.
  • First time in a Weyr.


In progress.


Iluska is the daughter of a journeyman seacrafter and a female smith. She was raised with a bevy of strong, tall, hale and hearty brothers who all later apprenticed to the seacraft. It was her dream to join them, but an aptitude she shares with her mother and the male-centric attitude of the seacraft put her on the path to Smithcraft Hall. After apprenticing at twelve, she’s come a long way; literally even! Now, she’s posted under a master at Igen — specialty, glass (and Igen has a lot of sand).

Axoriol: father
Lusyea: mother
Mahnce: brother
Seiton: brother
Vernord: brother
Zolorane: master smith



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