Location Ista Weyr
Position Jr. Weyrwoman
Craft N/A
Dragon Gold Niatskivhiath
Birthplace Fort Hold
Played By Sophie Turner
Player polychrome


Long red hair frames a pale face that still wears the innocence of youth. Her hair is kept long, falling almost to her lower back, and there's a silkiness to those copper strands which suggests a great deal of time is spent tending it. If ever anyone actually brushed their hair with a hundred strokes each night, it's her. Her face is mostly soft in shape, still bearing hints of that baby fat which hasn't yet faded, but her cheekbones are striking and there's an edge to her jaw which suggests her face may thin and sharpen with time. Light blue eyes and finely shaped brows sit above a thin, almost dainty nose. Everything about her features is feminine, from the curve of her pale pink lips to the long lashes which frame those blue-grey eyes. Her skin appears untouched by the sun, and her hands show no evidence of any kind of hard labor. Indeed, in spite of her slender frame, those coltishly long limbs show no sign of any muscle, suggesting that she's exactly as weak as she appears. While she may stand straight and tall with all the hallmarks of good breeding, anyone who catches her mid-stride may be able to see that she hasn't quite grown into the unexpected height with which she has been graced.
She wears a simple dress made of a lovely, soft blue fabric. The neckline is a modest 'v' shape which doesn't attract too much attention to her feminine assets. Ahem. It's cinched around the waist with a leather belt which has been tooled and styled with delicate swirls and spirals. It's designed so that the end of the belt is a bit too long, and hangs loose down past her hip. The dress itself falls to her ankles, just as modest as that simple neckline. On her feet are flats made from the same blue fabric, and obviously not meant for any kind of strenuous wear given their thin soles.

Common Knowledge

  • She's, well… the polite way to put it would be to say that she's difficult. In reality, she's just a huge pain in the ass.
  • Gullible. Incredibly, incredibly gullible.
  • Clumsy. Either she isn't yet used to those ridiculously long legs, or she's just a natural klutz, it's hard to say. But she's frequently seen tripping over herself or dropping things, and then attempting to blame it on someone (or something) else.


  • Loe; Best friend in the whole entire world~ has the best taste in everything ever.
  • Sa'mael; Damnit, Sam.
  • Clementine; Fellow goldrider, way more sane than she is.
  • R'ik; Pseudo-big brother, way better than the real ones even if he is overprotective.
  • Bailey; So terrifying.
  • Z'ok; Awkward. :(
  • Hannah; Why can't Hannah be her mentor instead of Bailey? :( :( Someone she greatly admires, even if she's a little intimidated by her.

This will be updated with more later, I swear.


Ione was born to Crafter royalty, so to speak. Her father came from a long line of well-known Harpers, whose expertise in the law was frequently sought after. Her mother (shockingly) was a Weaver, whose garments were very popular among the Lord and Lady Holders. But it was Fort Hold who claimed this wealthy family as their own. Ione was the second youngest of five, with two older brothers, one older sister, and one younger brother. All of the children were somewhat spoiled, with their mother always seeing that they had fine clothes and their father ensuring that they had a good education — especially when it came to matters of her future as the wife of the best husband they could find.

She and her sister, Naine, were often at odds. Naine was gorgeous, and confident, and Ione was the short, awkward one who tripped over her tongue whenever she tried to keep up with her sister's cutting remarks. It didn't help that Naine excelled at everything. Ione had a lovely voice, but it was soft and delicate, where Naine's could command a room. It was no surprise when the older girl as offered an apprenticeship as a Harper, along with one of her older brothers. The other would go on to be searched and impress a bronze at Fort, thus cementing himself as another success story.

Ione, however, was not. Although she showed talent for the Weaver craft, having one of those lot as a wife was the closest her father would ever come to allowing the craft into his family. In spite of his wife's subtle suggestion that their youngest daughter might do well there, she was not allowed to apprentice, and so a floundering Ione remained at home. Insult was added to injury when Naine took almost no time in returning to Fort Hold for her first posting. A regular Harper prodigy, she was. And while she was hard at work on her craft, her parents were hard at work finding her a suitable husband. He came along in the form of a wealthy Cotholder with large holdings and the promise of even greater prestige for the family. And that was when Ione's life changed.

Naturally, the young girl had a crush on him. He was handsome, and charming, and her older sister's intended. Naine got everything, so when he started quietly showing an interest in her after several visits (and yeah, okay, after puberty hit and she shot up in height), Ione was thrilled. It never occurred to her that she was only fourteen and he was too old to be interested in someone that young. She loved the attention, and the flattery, and more than that… she loved that someone picked her over her sister for once. She firmly believed that sooner or later they'd reveal all to her family, and she'd be the one marrying him instead of Naine. Then she'd be a success story and no longer the black sleep of the family, since it turned out that her younger brother was a born Harper as well.

Of course, it didn't turn out that way. Things never went any further than kissing, but even being caught in that act was enough to send her parents postal. Worst of all, the man of her dreams didn't stand up for her. He apologized to Naine. Once again, she hadn't been chosen. She didn't realize just how badly she'd been rejected, however, until the next day when her parents handed her her bags and pointed her in the direction of a dragon. She was being 'exiled' to Southern Weyr, hopefully far enough away that she couldn't do any more harm. The wedding? Well, that was to proceed as planned, minus one daughter.

And so Ione found herself alone and uncertain in an unfamiliar Weyr, abandoned by family and with no particular direction in life. With no idea what she has gotten herself into, she's trying the philosophy of 'fake it till you make it'. So far, it's… not going too well.

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