Location Southern Weyr
Position Sr. Jman Herder
Craft Herder
Birthplace Oldtime Crom
Played By Kate Bosworth


Issri has reached her final height of 5'4. Her body is slender and lithe, and the way she moves betrays strength that can only come from turns of hard work with the Herders. Her hair is blonde, kept light by constant time outdoors. It's usually pulled back and up with a curved piece of wood, a stick fitting through holes on either side. Her eyes are a lovely shade of hazel, cherry wood brown surrounding the iris with flecks of gold scattered throughout and stretching into the spring green along the outside. A small nose and shapely lips finish out her round face. Thanks to the fire, she has scarring on the back of her legs.

Common Knowledge

Since the fire that killed most of the Herder Apprentices, Issri has grown into
a strong and confident woman. Brash, jealous and quick tempered, she's wild
and unpredictable except around those who know her best. And even then her
behavior is sometimes questionable. She loves runner riding, swimming, hiking
and being around her beloved flocks. She is a Herder Journeyman who
specializes in avians.


Husband Eric
Son Ricci
Daughter Sriella
Daughter Grace


Born in Crom
Moved to the Herder Hall near High Reaches to apprentice
She was one of only a few survivors in a fire that killed most of her fellow apprentices
Was promoted to Journeyman young and spent a turn in Ista before returning to High Reaches and marrying Eric
She specializes in avians, especially her developed Orpington breed
She also has a small stake in hardy runners, which she named the Pryor breed of runners

Gallery / Icons


Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Cave of Horrors July 07, 2013 Anzhia, Arianne, Hannah, Issri; ST'd by Hannah A simple cleaning turns into a grisly discovery that sheds some light on the secrets of Southern Weyr's demise.
Fixing Pooka July 16, 2013 Grace, Issri Issri mends Pooka and Grace learns how to "good pet".
On a Distant Shore September 01, 2013 Issri, Ksenia Two women meet on a distant shore; it is finally not raining.