Location Igen Weyr
Position Arroyo Wingrider
Dragon Brown Udath
Birthplace Igen River Hold
Played By Odeya Rush
Player Centris


Ivy is a bit on the short side but finely built and sleekly muscled. After a few years of awkward adolescence her somewhat boyish stride has not yet caught up with her rather recently feminine form. Her complexion is the tawny gold of a native Igenite who has spent much of her time outside; a spray of tiny freckles spill over the thin bridge of her nose and onto her high cheekbones. Long lashes frame grey-green eyes with a slight feline tilt, and Ivy's hair, when unbound, falls in long dark waves to the small of her back.

A few turns at Igen have her in her fitted black riding leathers more than the skirts and dresses she once felt most comfortable in, though she occasionally wears the jacket over a dress in her leisure time. She refuses to cut her hair short for riding, so it's tightly bound when she's on duty and hangs down her back in heavy waves when she's not. No matter what her outfit of the hour she's almost always wearing the light blue Arroyo scarf and her knot, which with its strand of near-black brown among the stark black and yellow of Igen proclaims her as one of them lady brownriders. A green firelizard is perched on her shoulder.

Common Knowledge

Uncommon Knowledge

She was mostly illiterate when she arrived at Igen Weyr, though during weyrlinghood E'bert helped her out with that in secret. She's still not a confident reader or writer.

Despite K'vvan's "advice" on the matter, she's still a virgin.


E'bert: Fellow wingmate, fellow brownrider, friend without benefits. Relations have cooled since he tried to kiss her.

N'zi: Older brother of some of her dearest friends from back home, thoroughly adopted as her own (to his dismay).

W'rin: She was once happy to hide in his rather large shadow. W'rin's death, mourned in extreme privacy, has the brownrider doubting her place at Igen even more.

K'vvan: Perhaps the person she's closest to at Igen, which is saying something.


Ivy's the fairly average daughter of fisherfolk at Igen River Hold, the youngest of three with two older brothers. Though a bit doted on by her brothers and father, she was expected to work hard, learn the feminine arts, and make a good marriage to some nice young man who was also preferably a fisherman. These things she did dutifully enough, but when Igen Weyr came a'Searching, she put her foot down with surprising force and was allowed on the Sands for Elicheritath's clutch. It must be admitted that her family is somewhat dismayed by her Impression to brown Udath, partly because…a woman brownrider?! and also because she was starting to grow into a delicate prettiness at exactly the right time to start hunting for a husband.

Weyr life and weyrlinghood were a major adjustment for this holderbred girl, who prior to Impression was anticipating a more or less arranged marriage with a nice stolid fisherman. The comparative lack of modesty in the Weyr shocks her a bit, and she tends to see all men as either father or brother figures. Coming from a traditional Nowtime background, Ivy has trouble squaring the idea of being a female brownrider in her own head, which makes it difficult for her to defend herself against others who have issues with it as well.

Having been a rider for a turn or two, she's lost some of her conservative tendencies, but is still a bit of a prude by Weyr standards. She's starting to get a reputation as an ice queen in the romance department, which is fine by her. Ivy's never felt like she fits in at Igen, but after her time there, not much shocks her anymore.

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