Location Igen Weyr
Position Senior Apprentice
Craft Vintner
` Dragon Bronze Loranduth
Birthplace Origin
Played By JJ Julius Son
Player Phelan


Jaune is a tall young man, barely a month into his 19th turn and it shows. He is a bit babyfaced, his cheeks frosted imperceptibly by ginger and blonde peach fuzz. Fair skinned and unleathered by the beating sun. But being assigned to Igen Weyr, that is sure to change. Lank and wiry describes him pretty aptly, strong forearms and little else to distinguish him from any other passing man. His hair is dark blonde and only really kept trimmed close to the sides of his head. The rest is left to flop on occasion, mostly pushed back over his head away from his face. Those gray eyes of his shine with naivete and unrestrained exuberance. He smells of toasted oats and earthiness, it permeates his clothes most days.

Common Knowledge


Hah. Next Tab.


Jaune grew up in Fort Hold, the fifth child and third son of his parents. Hold born and of craft parentage, as soon as he was able he begun to study as an apprentice in the same craft. But his attention was easily diverted. Mining, where the ore came from got his brief study along with anything else that came past him. Until his first taste of beer at the age of 13 sealed the fate of his first apprenticeship. Not until he was 15, did he become an apprentice to Vintnerhall and moved to Benden where the crafthall was located.

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