Location Igen Weyr
Position Senior Apprentice
Craft Vintner
Dragon (If Dragonrider)
Birthplace Origin
Played By Played By
Player Phelan


Jaune is a tall young man, barely a month into his 19th turn and it shows. He is a bit babyfaced, his cheeks frosted imperceptibly by ginger and blonde peach fuzz. Fair skinned and unleathered by the beating sun. But being assigned to Igen Weyr, that is sure to change. Lank and wiry describes him pretty aptly, strong forearms and little else to distinguish him from any other passing man. Lank blonde hair that really only cuts so it stays out of his eyes and off of his ears as best as he can manage, curly and exceptionally unmanaged. Those gray eyes of his shine with naivete and unrestrained exuberance.

Common Knowledge


Khaylia New to Igen Weyr and…mercurial. Prone to bat her eyelashes at you and scream her disdain for within seconds of each
Xanthee Gave me my first firelizard! Introduced me to 'parenting'
Tolavin Met him at the pit, trying to barter off my batch of ale. Didn't think I would like a guy who ventures there, but he
seems nice enough.


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