Location Igen Weyr
Position Owner of the Dustbowl Cantina
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Morgan Freeman

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although Jharlodar is a PC character, it's okay to reference him being in the Dustbowl even when he's not logged on! Jharl is powerpose_ok: please don't do anything too major with him, but it's always okay to describe him as serving your character a drink or otherwise performing basic duties in his fine establishment.


Common Knowledge

  • Jharlodar is the current proprietor of the Dustbowl Cantina, ownership of which runs in the Tlatoani clan. As his brother (the father of the current clan head) took the position as caravan leader, Jharl took the tavern.
  • Jharl has his finger on the gossip of the bazaar. He can be persuaded to part with information… for a price.
  • He has a remarkably soothing voice.


  • The Tlatoani: Jharl is a member, and thus has a zillion relatives. Of note is N'thu, who is his great-nephew.
  • His wife, Almas, died in the plague a decade back.
  • He has several children and grandchildren who his player will name at a later date - if you'd like to play one, lemme know!


Gallery / Icons


Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Your Mission, If You Choose To Accept It May 23, 2013 Jharlodar and Bailey Bailey has some problems. Jharl has some advice.
Job Listing November 3, 2013 Andevai and Jharlodar Andevai wants a drink. Jharlodar wants a bouncer.
A Shocker of a Hatching(Galleries View) July 12, 2013 V'odk, R'um, B'rand (NPCS), We'bey, Vashae, Kyara, Samakar, I'yn, Haydin, Sadaiya, W'rin, N'thu Teyaschianniarina, Kanga, Sienna, Syteran, Jharlodar, Eollyn, Aaron, Cerise, Erikkhan, Donner, Sara, Yulena, Ri'enn,Arianne, Nell, M'yck Igen Weyr's first PC Hatching (Including Galleries RP/View)
Hot Time at the Night Flight October 22, 2013 Gritta, Sadaiya, Chel, Jovie, Maryam, Tanmorand, Vergora, Stavros (NPCed by Zarolan), We'bey, Tallarn, Jharlodar Another raid in the Bazaar, this one at one of the Flight's private shindigs!