Location Igen
Position Hired hand (Akzhan Family)
Birthplace Bitra
Played By Liam McIntyre

Dark, dark brown suggests the shadows. Bright, strikingly light blue whispers of the chill of what may come from them. That espresso-deep hair lays in wept shortish length atop his head, a few strands escaping the lightly disheveled mess that prompts the feeling of one unsettled- vagabond, miscreant. And his eyes, just blue does not begin to describe them. They are glacial, intense.. and adrift over some fathomless sea. His well-structured face is dusted with dark scruff, deepening the lines that sculpt him, that craft a hardness to his features that continues as the very description of the rest of him. The man is balanced and solid, constructed of lean muscle in his almost six foot height with strong shoulder. Non-native skin is tanned of Igen sun from few turns past, though 'neath attire written of silver'd flesh that came long before and pinkened lines not so long healed. That which is visible though, is intact and unmarred, attributing unquestionably to the utterly confident poise of him.
A dusty grey-black tunic is of good quality, loose of the arms and almost always partially unbuttoned over upper darkly haired chest. Often, it's mostly hidden by a unevenly charcoal'd leather jacket which prominently courting a heavy hood that typically covers his head in cloth and shadow. Tumbles of cloth about his neck suggest a facial covering in easy reach too. Often do gloves cover hands, or are shoved well into deep pockets. Grey-black wher-hide pants are relatively form-fitting, shoved into black boots that seem not so much aged, but well-worn all the same. A silver chain sits on his neck, simple, with whatever is at its apex tucked away into his tunic. A white candidate's knot is clipped to his right hip.


Mark of the Black Spot Bronze Curse

Accursed beastie, this gnarled little thing. Would shallows still be safe from him, with sails of almost cumbersome expanse and skeletal limbs that reach long across fated bows? His bronze hide is decrepit and marred, in the appearance of flaking as if barnacles had grown and eventually fractured off, chiseled somehow smooth over his form by the wrath of oceanic currents, and left rigid and sharp along his spine. Worse is the inky blackness that is swathed over his chest as if imprinted over his heart: A circular mark, a spot of darkness that oozes out from its central point. Veins of poisonous night creep outwards, riddling their way over him as if to eventually overcome him. It has overtaken his underside, much of his legs and steadily advances in thin spider-webbing lines under his wings, ever-growing with each turn that passes him by- it seems to bespeak a ticking clock. The fleeting sand of an hourglass. Time, owed.

Local Rumors

  • He arrived in Igen about 5 turns ago alone on runnerback. Witnesses probably wouldn't recount it as anything spectactular in the grand scheme of things, though he did appear haggered with clothes torn and ragged, the lad exhausted, dehydrated and the runner ready to collapse.
  • His stay since then has been relatively inconsistent, leaving for long periods of time, and returning in the same manner he first came.
  • Except for the second turn spent in Igen- the better part of this was spent in the brig following accusations of illegal exchanges.
  • It is said that either his involvement with both the New and Old Akzhan family, or some unknown benefactor from outside of the Weyr, bought his freedom and substantially shortened his sentence.
  • His business within the Bazaar itself is difficult to pinpoint. Many tend to say that he is one of the guys who enforces owed debts from the racetracks and gambling houses. Others claim he was hired to intervene in clashes between the families in favor of the Akzhan- and how he did so was worth even grittier rumor.
  • Certainly, whispers say, misfortune seems to find whomever has evoked the ire of the Akzhan's, from falling ill, to being implicated in some crime they appeared entirely unaware of.



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