Location Igen Weyr (formerly Ista Weyr)
Position Whirlwind Wingrider (formerly Breakwater)
Dragon Brown Ruenalth
Birthplace Ista
Played By Michelle Trachtenberg


Adolescence has made its mark upon her form in that what once were coltish legs now are shapely and lean, with the appropriate curves in just the right places. Loose, wavy raven black hair, posessing the occasional auburn streak falls to just below her shoulders. Her eyes are like her fathers- bright hazel, framed in long dark lashes. Naturally fair skin is kissed with smatterings of sun-freckles across her nose, evident of her Istan heritage. Her somewhat curvy frame is now a petite 5'2.
A cream colored haltertop with gray crisscrosses of thread hugs her curves. It falls to a few inches above her belly button, and fringe decorates the bottom edge. Low cut, hip hugging trous of a powder blue color flare out at her ankles, somewhat like Terran bellbottoms of old. Klah-brown belt with fringe is tightly belted at her waist, accentuated by a multi-petalled leather flower with alternating chestnut hues. Beads of various colors are interpersed between the petals. Brown strappy sandals with chunky heels adorn her feet.
Around her neck is a delicate silver necklace, and a teardrop pendant of seagreen jade, with a tiny black pearl sitting in the hollow of the stone.
A double corded twist of Igen Weyr colors with a single loop and long tail marks Kanga as an Igen Wingrider, with accompanying patch to symbolize Whirlwind Wing. Shiny brown copper ribbon entwines itself through the knot threads, symbolizing her lifemate.
She is a young adult of about 25. She is awake and looks alert.

Common Knowledge

One of the first Oldtimer groups to jump to Igen, not much is known about this brownrider other than her /shocking/ fashion sense and outspoken commentary about the Nowtimer ways have not made her /terribly/ popular, except for within her wing where they kinda sort of like her. Ruenalth is a flirtateous, ladies man dragon with a silver tongue, not that many of the Igen dragonchicks have been very receptive..thus far.


Kangarru, granddaughter to brownrider P’rru, is the product of greenrider K’rru and Angie, a holder woman. She has a rather big family, including (but not limited to): Aunt Purtara and Uncle Willar, Grandmother Kezzra, biological grandmother Kwa, and cousins Tyraji, Siraji and Ji’n.


Kangarru’s mom, Angie left the weyr shortly after she was weaned, and Kanga has little to no knowledge of her mom, and has no experience dealing with her as an older child and teen. Being raised by dragons and the doting paternal figures of K'rru and P'rru manifested in a spoiled child with an expensive taste in fashion and trinkets, which isn't exactly a bad thing when her one goal is to be one of the top fashion designers of Pern. And she actually has design talent to carry that out, too. Ever the shrewd businesswoman and maker of deals (with brown Ruenalth as her partner in crime), the Bazaar life of Igen is likely to suit her well, let's see how it turns out.

Gallery / Icons


Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Fear the Lake Water Jan 6, 2014 Kanga, Erissa Erissa gets a disconcerting surprise while seeking solitude at the lake.