Location Igen Weyr
Position Weyr Brat
Craft Harper Apprentice
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Zac Efron
Player Erikkhan and Realilina


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Common Knowledge

  1. Kanriel is the biological son of Realilina and Erikkhan
  2. Kanriel had a mental breakdown after the death of his father and had to spend quite some time with the mind healers to mend from said break and grieve properly, and he was granted a leave of absence from the Harper hall to do so.
  3. He had to pause his apprenticeship in the middle of his Journeyman Project, which he'd been working on in depth with his father.
  4. Kanriel has a younger foster sibling, Sesa, he hasn't spoken to her since she had him commited to the mindhealers and they had once been very close.
  5. Kanriel is very close with his mother, and she has been a driving force since his release, making him catch up on his studies and get things back in line. He may be over eighteen, but he's still an apprentice and well, mother knows best!
  6. Kanriel takes after his father, he's an artist as well, though he also shows a talent for musical instruments courtesy of his mother.
  7. Kanriel and his father were very close
  8. Kanriel very much seems like he'll follow pretty much exactly in his father's footsteps, he even has Erikk's rapport with girls.
  9. Kanriel's favorite color is blue