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Location Igen Weyr
Position Weyr Brat
Craft Harper Apprentice
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Zac Efron
Player Erikkhan and Realilina

Theme Song:



Teenage years have been kind to Kanriel, after he hit his growth spurt early. He's settling into it rather nicely, at this point; his previously gawky limbs have filled out, sparing him most of the indignity of hitting 5 foot 9 before the age of 16. His fingers are perpetually smudged with charcoal, even in the rare instances where he's without a sketchbook. His chocolate curls have been trimmed to a more manageable and low-maintenance length, barely skimming the tops of his ears, and blue eyes lined with dark lashes have become sharp and intuitive. Baby fat has mostly melted away, but has left his freckle-spattered cheeks with dimples with a ready smile that's infectious.

Kanriel is still growing into a gauzy sage green tunic stamped with a simple leaf design and gold-stitched hems. The ends of his sleeves have been rolled up to his elbows, though smudges of chalk or charcoal on his freckled arms and the fabric indicate the sleeves aren't inclined to stay that way. Well-worn pants are dyed an earthen brown, lightweight but durable, and a smidge too short for his growing legs. Plain black boots, slightly scuffed but otherwise well-maintained, adorn his feet.
A few twine and bead bracelets of Zingari design wrap loosely around his wrist.

Common Knowledge

  1. Kanriel is the biological son of Realilina and Erikkhan
  2. Kanriel takes after his father, he's an artist as well, though he also shows a talent for musical instruments courtesy of his mother.
  3. Kanriel has a younger foster sibling, Edlsesa
  4. Kanriel and his father are very close
  5. Kanriel very much seems like he'll follow pretty much exactly in his father's footsteps, he even has Erikk's rapport with girls.
  6. Kanriel gets both new and oldworld Harper lessons, new from his current teachers and old from his parents.
  7. Kanriel's favorite color is blue




A two turn old calico feline that Kanriel rescued as a kitten from Faranth only knows where, the details are still a bit suspect. She is never far from her Master, and when he is not around, well his mother Realilina will do. She's a frequent subject of Kanriel's art and her name is derived by combining Timor and Rukbat. This name came to Kanriel because of the coloring of her face, so like night and day.


Kanriel has always been very, very close with his father. Both enjoy a love of art and painting and both seem to have a rapport with the ladies. Kanriel holds his father in high regard and Erikk is who Kan trusts most in life.


Kanriel loves his mother just as much as he does with his father. While he enjoys a love of all things color related with his father, with his mother he enjoys a love of music. At ten turns old, thanks to Lina, Kan can read music and play several instruments.

Edlsesa aka "Sesa"


Originally the daughter of A'lory and Sara, Edlsesa was given to Erikkhan and Realilina to foster as a weeks old infant. She was loved from the moment she was brought home and Kanriel is fiercely protective of his younger sister.

Lillia of the Zingari


Daughter of Zingari Caravan Leader Willimina, Kanriel is fond of the little Zingari girl, and loves her like a sister. He's as protective of her as he is his sister Edlsesa.


Born to Journeyman Harper Erikkhan and his Journeyman Harper wife, Realilina, Kanriel has led a life of simple bliss. He's grown up in the Igen's desert climate and knows nothing else. He is one of the first generation of children born to the Oldtimers here in the Newtime. He grew up displaying a talent for art like his father and a talent for music like his mother. Both talents were fostered with a lot of patience and a lot of love. Much to Realilina's dismay, many of their home's walls were used as practice canvases for the young devil. When he was old enough, Realilina and Erikkhan allowed Kanriel to apply for a Harper apprenticeship, he was accepted without much fuss. His life was about as perfect as could be, until Erikkhan passed away in his sleep and Kanriel's whole world turned upside down. His father, whom he adored and worshiped, is now gone, and Kanriel is lost. He's been locked up in his quarters for a turn now and is on the verge of losing his apprenticeship. Will he heal and move on? Or will he end up in the Pernese equivalent of a nut house?

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Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Mad As A Hatter... 19 Jan 2018 07:00

Daenerys, Edlsesa, Kanriel

Edlsesa has had enough. She can't juggle her mourning mother in the Zingari camp, her crazy ass foster brother, AND her apprenticeship anymore. Something Has to give. So she's made the arrangements…She just has to hope Daenerys will still help her carry them out.



Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Sometimes a Girl Just Needs Her Brother 08 Jan 2018 07:00

Edlsesa, Daenerys

Edlsesa takes a walk to ease some stress and runs into her half-brother. Kidnapping plans ensue.

Should have. Would have. Could have. (Vignette) 20 Jan 2018 07:00


Edlsesa says she's fine after dropping her mad brother off with the mind healers. But she's not. She's Really not.

Somber Homecoming 20 Jan 2018 07:00

Edlsesa, Realilina, Daenerys

Realilina's homecoming is somber and Edlsesa falls apart again