Location Southern Weyr
Position Junior Weyrling
Dragon Brown Vinodestroth
Birthplace Southern
Played By Lee Hye-ri
Player Lina


Despite her teen years being in full-swing, she's five and a half feet of boyish lines and angles, bringing to mind a gawkish runner colt. Her long, lissome limbs are lacking the pleasant curves that would demark her femininity, the small swell of her chest being the only thing standing between her and being perpetually mistaken as boy from the neck down. The softness of her dollish facial features certainly provides a stark contrast to rest of her lanky form. Dark, almond-shaped eyes with ochre-stained lashes are almost too large for her heart-shaped face paired with a small-but-lush amaranth-pink mouth creates a permanent doe-eyed look. Her round cheeks are perpetually sunburnt, her pale skin not serving her well in Southern's clime and humidity-defying bistre hair falls in smooth waves to her mid-back.

Common Knowledge

  • She will regale anyone and everyone who will listen about really, really weird body facts that cannot be unlearned.
  • Despite her fascination with the grotesque inner workings of the body, strong smells invariably make her turn green.
  • While she has the desire to put up the good fight to stop herself from being terribly sunburned, she frequently forgets about it and gets roasted anyway.
  • No, seriously, if you notice her turning lobster red, please tell her. She will not notice until it is far too late.
  • She has a strong aversion to shoes and will be without them whenever she thinks she can get away with it.
  • While she loves swimming and will spend all of a free day floating in water, she gets ridiculously sea-sick as soon as she's on the deck of a ship.


Her biological mother, Katryma (NPC), is Harper who has always been more interested in her art than her child, and it bothers her daughter very little. There's love there, sure, but it's never been a driving force in this young one's life. They've grown apart even more in the past few Turns, since the girl decided her path was that of a Healer.

Her grandmother Kriane (NPC) is still an active 'rider at Southern with her green, Ikkasanaith, but a rift between her grandmother and mother caused the multigenerational bond to fizzle out before it began.

As for her paternity, she was conceived while her mother was putting the 'journey' in Journeyman; her dad's probably somewhere in an outlying hold, but even her mother isn't entirely sure of her sire and she's never pressed the issue.

Her foster parents were strict enough to keep her in check but recognized and respected her need for space and knowledge. It was mostly a hands-off approach where she spent her days exploring, attending her lessons with the Weyrharper, and playing with fellow 'brats. She had a foster brother seven Turns her junior, as well, and they have a mutually antagonist sibling relationship.


Born at the beginning of the Pass and raised in Southern, Katryana was a weyrbrat and who never strayed too far from the nest.

Despite her lack of strong family ties, she's a determined young woman, equal parts serious scholar and happy-go-lucky goofball. Like her mother, her studies are her main priority. She's got a passion for knowing what makes living things tick, and even if she still blanches at the sight of blood, her insatiable curiosity will push her forward.