Location Southern Weyr
Position Serval Wingrider
Birthright Wildling
Dragon Brown Gruffith
Birthplace Southern Jungle
Played By Katherine McNamara
Player Ooni


Hers is a wild beauty, born of Southern's Jungles. She is a young woman of lithe muscle and soft curves, whip thin as a dragonwing. The proud, quiet grace of her people can be seen in the way she carries herself, one of many things not lost to her after many turns as a dragonrider. Strength lies within the depths of those arresting brown eyes, darkly lashed and widely set in her lovely, pale oval face. Long hair falls like red fire, cascading down her shoulders and her back. It holds the faint scent of sweet jungle flower and salty ocean, and the curled ends drift with subtle movement. Her gentle brows are dark, giving her an intense look with those soulful eyes. The nose is small and straight, set between wide cheekbones. Below are soft peach lips, hiding white teeth, and then a round little chin. Her skin is seashell pale, very smooth, and free of freckles, except along the tops of her slender hands. Lithe muscles appear as she moves, the curve of her breasts rising and falling as she breathes.

Common Knowledge

  • Wildling-born. Adventurous. Caring. Free-spirited.
  • Impressed brown Gruffith, who was shelled from Dhiammarath and Khalyssrielth's double clutch.
  • Her reclusive dragon looks like a beast, but is gentle and is very protective of those he deems worthy.
  • In weyrlinghood, she was made wingsecond of the Bengal Wing. Rielle was her wingleader.
  • She became an assistant weyrlingmaster for a time, and a mentor to new wildling dragonriders.
  • She was tapped by Rielle to be her Serval wingsecond, along with Z'bor.
  • After stepping down, she has refocused once more on helping wildling and Weyr relations.


A'kehm - Wildling that impressed with her of ice and snow. Haven't seen him in a while.
Chelsa - An Igen greenrider and M'noq's half-sister.
Clementine - Once felt like an older sister. Proud for her to be Weyrwoman.
Ione - Assigned Weyrmate in Weyrlinghood. She is fond of her. Redhead solidarity.
Kneesa - Younger sister, wildling. Shy. As children, they were close.
Lisette & Arianne - Former Serval Wingleaders and fellow brownriders. Strong female role models.
Loe - Blueriding clutchsibling. Generous. Lovely.
M'noq - </3 Former weyrmate. They were together for many turns. <3 always.
Myziri - One of her first friends at the weyr. A dear friend. More like sisters.
Rhuysarr - A wildling man she knew many moons ago.
Rielle - A dear friend who means a lot to her, like a sister. She loves her baby Zariel.
R'ik - She sees the gentleness under the growl. He reminds her of a brother she once had.
Sa'mael - He may be tarnished, but she can see the good in him.
Vella - Older sister, wildling. There is a dragon-sized wall now between them.
Z'ok - Brownriding clutchsibling.

History tiny-leaf.jpg

Keelie was born in the wild jungles of the Southern Continent, a member of the Oona tribe. She has many brothers and sisters, and from her mother Keela, she got her bright red hair. She never knew her father, but is convinced that he was a dragonrider, and developed a fascination with them when they appeared in the skies. Her uncle, Theeralos, is the leader of their tribe. He sought to protect his people from the dragons, calling them sky beasts and spinning old tales of curses and death. The Oona tribe, as a whole, fears dragons and their riders, some going so far as to hate them and blame them for bad things happening. But Theeralos could not control the wild-hearted Keelie, who refused to listen to his stories. She would disappear into the jungle for days, seeking the dragons out and following their jewel-bright hides through the gaps in the trees.

Despite numerous warnings, she began to spy on the dragonriders, getting closer to where they lived, until she was walking among them. She found a fork hidden in the tall grass and took it, as well as a rolled-up song scroll about dragons. Her mother was fearful when she showed her treasures, burning the scroll in the fire. Keelie finally accepted that her tribe would never understand. If she wanted the life she dreamed of, she would have to do something drastic.

And so, she left all she knew, to live with the dragon people.



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