Location Southern Weyr
Position Boardwalk Trader
Birthplace Igen Bazaar
Played By Darla Baker


Kelati might be five-foot-five, but that doesn't keep her from being easy to overlook in a crowd. A waifish, underfed build (in a pinch, maybe her collarbones really could slice through a loaf of bread) and a tendency to keep her head down, looking at whatever she's working on, and it'll probably be a few decades before she looks any older than the sixteen she was when she first ran off. It's the rare moments when she looks up that she's far more striking and identifiable: a heart-shaped face, even features, skin the color of sun-kissed sand beneath that head of long, thick, dark hair — and large, deep-set, luminous, Tlatoani-blue eyes.

Common Knowledge

  • Kelati sells soaps (and lotions, and perfumes, and other oils and tonics, and sometimes even candles)from a little stand on the Boardwalk. She makes them herself, and is often experimenting with new scents and textures.
  • She stood for Dhiammarath and Dhioth's second clutch together, didn't Impress.
    • She still seems unsure as to whether or not she wants to be a dragonrider.

Less Common Knowledge


D'wane: Rider of a dragon with good taste. Searched her.
Nox: Fellow candidate. Kind, a good swimmer, easy to relax around.
Amani: Fellow candidate, from a place Kelati long tried to avoid. Nice. New to the world.
Xanthee: Fellow candidate, kicked out because of some asshole. Utter flirt. Also an Igenite.
Rh'ysar: Fellow candidate. Quiet but not in an uncomfortable way.
Th'res: Fellow candidate. Scarf Guy.




2017 Logs: 9 Scenes

21 Aug 2017 05:00: Surf, Sand and Stitches ∴ Comments 0

Kelati is looking for stuff on the beach and ends up being recruited for a medical procedure instead!


25 Aug 2017 04:00: Hide Care Lines ∴ Comments 0

Bathing is for awkward naked small talk, developing Kelati's new dragon spa products, and Search.

d-wane_default.jpg 010.png

06 Sep 2017 06:00: Bend the Knee ∴ Comments 0

Take one innocent swimming lesson, sprinkle in some Candidate classmates coming by to watch, then add a dash of K'ane and Dhioth- no, just a dash. A DASH. *sigh*

nox_default.jpg 007.png amania_default.jpg rhuysarr_default.jpg therst_default.jpg k-ane_default.jpgdhioth_default.jpg yfana_default.jpg

08 Sep 2017 05:00: Pooling for Ideas ∴ Comments 0

Kelati thought she could work on her robe undisturbed, but nope. A wild D'wane appears.

kelati_default.jpg d-wane_default.jpg

10 Sep 2017 04:00: Brown is the New Black ∴ Comments 0

There's oil that's the wrong colour, a barrel of something that's spilling, a trio of candidates, a D'ex and then the Weyrwoman walks in.

d-ex_default.jpg kelati_default.jpg nox_default.jpg rhuysarr_default.jpg bailey_default.jpg

13 Sep 2017 07:00: Was it important that they were in stick form? ∴ Comments 0

Rhuysarr brings a bunch of sticks as a plot device, D'wane's drills set them on fire. Kelati doesn't catch flame.

d-wane_default.jpg kelati_default.jpg rhuysarr_default.jpg

17 Sep 2017 04:00: But Everyone Else Actually Sent Theirs ∴ Comments 2

Everyone was writing letters home, so Kelati got in on it too. Sort of.


High noon on a sweltering Southern Summer's day, Dhiammarth and Dhioth's Eggs decide to break free and find their own destiny!

SOUTHERN WEYR'S 20th clutch (7th PC) hatches!

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05 Nov 2017 04:00: Nice and Simple ∴ Comments 0

Miel comes across Kelati gathering plants on a river bank; some polite conversation is had, with a teeny bit of mystery…

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2017 Mentions: 3 Scenes

07 Sep 2017 04:00: {V} The Hatching Sands are Lava ∴ Comments 0


Nox has a weird dream about the hatching.


07 Sep 2017 04:00: On the Riverbank ∴ Comments 2

The river clearing is a good place for herbs, flowers and brownrider chit-chat.

rielle_default.jpg keelie14.jpg

17 Sep 2017 05:00: Picnic Run Ins ∴ Comments 0

Two harpers and a candidate all run into each other at the picnic grounds. Good thing one of them brought a picnic basket.