Location Southern Weyr
Position Ocelot Wingrider
Previously Boardwalk Trader
Dragon Green Takatath
Birthplace Igen Bazaar
Played By Darla Baker


Kelati might be five-foot-five, but that doesn't keep her from being easy to overlook in a crowd. A waifish, underfed build (in a pinch, maybe her collarbones really could slice through a loaf of bread) and a tendency to keep her head down, looking at whatever she's working on, and it'll probably be a few decades before she looks any older than the sixteen she was when she first ran off. It's the rare moments when she looks up that she's far more striking and identifiable: a heart-shaped face, even features, skin the color of sun-kissed sand beneath that head of long, thick, dark hair — and large, deep-set, luminous, Tlatoani-blue eyes.

Common Knowledge

  • Kelati sold soaps (and lotions, and perfumes, and other oils and tonics, and sometimes even candles) from a little stand on the Boardwalk. She made them herself, and was often experimenting with new scents and textures. Now that she's a rider, she still makes-and-experiments, but isn't running a business anymore.
  • She stood for Dhiammarath and Dhioth's second clutch together, didn't Impress.
  • She stood for Khalyssrielth and Tsiroth's clutch, and still didn't Impress.
  • She took a clutch or two off standing and then agreed to stand yet again for Zymuraith and Ravaith's clutch.
    • She still seemed unsure as to whether or not she wanted to be a dragonrider, but Impressed Laughter Takes Flight Green Takatath which made that decision for her.

Less Common Knowledge

Laughter Takes Flight Green Takatath

Subdued olive and moss weave together to form the perfect base camoflauge of this delightfully plump green. Each of her powerful and squat legs conclude with feet bearing wickedly sharp obsidian talons. But truly this dragon’s crowning glory are her oversized wings, as bright as the rest of her colors are muted. Her wingsails bear a striking resemblance to the bright plumage of teal and malachite of tropical avians. As wings meet back, the blueish hues give way to more yellow greens that trace up her spine until the olive and moss overtake her once more as the understated colors creep up her stubby neck. Plump as this dragon’s belly and haunches are, is it any surprise that she also has a fairly rotund head as well? Her headknobs and eyeridges slope low, barely disturbing the smooth profile until her snout dramatically narrows and ends with a slightly curved hook.


D'wane: Rider of a dragon with good taste. Searched her once.
Alyna: Could say the same as above.
N'ox, Amani, Rh'ysar, Th'res, Xanthee: Fellow candidates from her first time Standing.
Ariele: Fellow candidate twice; didn't ask questions, making her a good person to sit near.
Calliope, Jaymes, Katryana, Talya: Fellow candidates from standing round 3.
Treivyshe: Ridiculously tall fellow candidate.
Syrianna: Fellow candidate with big dog.
Kyriatis: Fellow candidate with carnivorous plant.




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