Location Igen Weyr
Position IGW Trader (Tajir)
Birthplace Outside Igen Weyr
Played By Cote de Pablo
Player Rea


Long dark tresses fall to below shoulders, the darkness broken only by the soft curls that catch the occasional hint of mocha within their depths. Light amber brown eyes usually look upon the world with amusement, as she has a way of often finding something to laugh about. Full, pouting red lips lie beneath a nose that just somehow fits her face, not too large and not too small. She stands well over five feet, more than halfway to six if truth be told. Her skin holds a dark tone, a shade that came natural, not from the sun's rays. Skinny some say, curvy others, but she pays them no mind, feeling quite comfortable with herself.

Common Knowledge

  • She's the only child to the Tejir Caravan leader, Kessik.
  • She's been taught how to lead the caravan, but hasn't actually done it without her father along watching.
  • She's often seen around the bazaar, tending to her family's booth when they're around.
  • Rumors suggest she's a fairly good guide and survivalist in the desert.



Kepi was born at an oasis not far from Igen Weyr on a day when rain actually fell upon the hot sands. Even coming a little early, never stopped Kepi from being strong and robust. She's been an only child, her mother never succeeding in carrying another child to term. Growing up within the caravan that traveled over the desert to do it's trading, she has listened and learned every lesson her father has taught her about surviving and traveling within the desert. Upon reaching her 17th turnday, her father has allowed her to take the lead on a few of the caravan journeys to see how she does, though he was right there to take over if need be.

When not with the caravan, Kepi can be found at Igen Weyr with her mother within the bazaar, helping to man the family's booth there making sells, and taking requests for things to be brought in. There has been times she's made an escape to explore the area with other caravan children who might be around.


Name Desc
Summit Here the spirits of sky and mountain coalesce into an indomitable mass of deep brown firelizard. The brush of tussock brindles the outcrops of deep earth brown, even as spring-melt silver follows the course set by the rugged curves of alpine muscles. Like many browns he is solid, sturdy and well constructed - a mountain of muscle and craggy angles softened by the fickle winds that often accompany such lofty constructions. Wolfish mischief glimmers in his wild-wise eyes, and majestic headknobs crown his form in appropriate glory. But above all else, his wings settle sculpted by the sparse branches and sun-bleached rock far above the tree line, the air-thin sails promise an even greater glory in the skies beyond.
Fae A diminutive creature, smaller then small, delicate and fragile, verdant over all. Daisy white tinted green persistently follows the gentle angles of her muzzle upwards to meet and mingle with marigold upon her crown which washes tangled rivers to her wingblades. A darker hosta green travels the slender lines of her wingbones, only to give way to iridescent rainbows across the scanty fabric of her wingsails. A dress of hinted lilac coloring falls the length of her tiny form, though still, overall she is green to sully any forest or Summer garden.
Irri Technology's sheen lines limbs foreshortened with futurist's motion; antiseptic perfection glistens from every rainbowed ridge. Watercolor washes of pink and gold promise mesmerizing dances of the sun upon stained-glass lime hide, while the hint of muscle well-aligned in powerful legs suggests she could match every quiver of light. Copper races in parallel pinstripes across left side and wing, revealing hidden depths of emerald and silver when examined. Tiny but well-made, she will rule with pure superiority. Others can be flawed, but she cannot; on her slim shoulders rests the future of life, the universe, and everything. Or so she thinks.

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