Location Igen Weyr
Position Trader
Craft None
Dragon None
Birthplace High Reaches Hold
Played By Tatiana Maslany
Player Kishivara


Kishivara's skin has come to sport a light tan thanks to Igen's blistering climate. It is only luck and attempts to avoid severe exposure that has prevented her from getting covered in freckles. She is one of those people who hits their growth spurt in their late teens. In time, she will be of average height with a willowy build, but for now, her stature is short and almost twiggy. Her oval shaped face features a strong jawline, thin lips, well-defined dark eyebrows, and wide blue eyes. It is framed by near-black hair that falls just short of reaching her shoulders.
Most of the time, Kishivara wears outfits intended to spare her from the worst of Igen's heat. Sandals and light, gauzy garments are common. It is rare to see her wearing something that is brightly colored or otherwise likely to draw attention.

Common Knowledge

  • Lives in her wagon with her mentor, Lysadana.
  • She and Lysadana travel alone.
  • The pair deal in a variety of goods, most of them foreign, and occasionally set up gambling stalls and other games.




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