Location Southern Weyr
Position Serval Wingrider
Craft Former Herder
Dragon Green Risielth
Birthplace Telgar Hold
Played By Noomi Rapace


She is a pale woman, her build athletically built over the course of Turns. Her eyes are deep brown, intense, and her hair is very nearly the same colour, kept short, the ends just brushing the nape of the neck, curling along her jawline. She has a pert nose and high cheekbones, bringing more definition to her rounded jaw. Her body is thin, but the lean tone avoids any accusations of petiteness or fragility, and while her hands are narrow and fingers long, there is nothing delicate about them. Great care has been taken to keep her nails short and trim, and her cuticles speak of regular manicures, defying her callouses.

Common Knowledge

Kodi and green Risielth were originally from Telgar Weyr. They transferred to Southern in the eighth Turn of the current Pass and were soon assigned to Serval Wing, where they have served ever since. They had few acquaintances in Telgar, human or draconic, and seem to be destined for the same in Southern. Those who did know them in more than a passing manor are rather tight-lipped for some reason.

In Southern, they do their duties as they had in Telgar: quietly and without complaint. They are fearless in the air and on the ground, be it Thread or felines, but they are not reckless. Reserved and calculating, it's not uncommon for either rider or dragon to question the wingleader during drills, meetings or 'Falls, though they keep it between themselves and their leader, except for those few times when emotion is too strong. Those times are rare.

Risielth is sharp but cold to those she does not hold dear. At this point, that list is as short as it can be: Kodi. She is succinct when called upon to respond or report, her mindvoice the fathomless depth of still waters, stirring seldom. In weyrlinghood, this was mistaken for a lack of intelligence, though she has since shown it is anything but. She watches. She learns. She simply does not share, unless it's with her rider. There have been a few in the past who have cracked that façade, most often post-greenflight, but she, like her rider, does not open up to anyone very far, or for very long. Some might say she is a little too connected to her rider, almost exclusive to the rest of the world. A simpler view might be: at least they have each other.


Possibly some old acquaintances from Telgar Hold or Weyr, but otherwise the pair is pretty much on their own right now.


Kodina was the daughter of a journeyman Herder and his wife in Telgar Hold. Barely sixteen, she was striving to follow in her father's footsteps in the Herdcraft, meeting all the expected resistance from the Nowtime tropes, when she was unexpectedly snagged for candidacy for a Weyr in mild crisis, losing candidates in a series of accidents or illnesses shortly before the eggs were due to hatch. In a matter of days, she impressed to green Risielth, starting a brand new struggle from the bottom up as she, now Kodi, tried to carve out some sort of niche all over again.

Kodi and Risielth were not high on the social ladder, neither of them prone to giving in or making compromises. However, they were hard workers and never balked at a task. They dutifully performed their assignments and drills, and when Thread arrived, they held their own time and again. And yet, nothing ever changed for them. They, like many of their fellow green pairs, were forever shifted to the tail ends of any wing or flight, forced to mop up what others left behind. That soon included concerns outside Threadfall. If some woman ended up pregnant, and the man (rider or not), wanted to make sure nothing came of it, they started to call on Kodi to clean up. If some Holder with coin or influence wanted to arrange a little tryst somewhere out of the way, they called Kodi to play escort and lookout. She did the work, she didn't complain, and she didn't talk about it. Ever. Even Risielth, her kind so often stereotyped as the gossips of dragonkind, kept these confidences as strictly as her rider.

Why did this come about? Hard to say. At first, maybe Kodi's quiet demeanour made people assume she was a submissive pushover. Both female and a greenrider, there were plenty of stereotypes that would be all too easily applied. After that, it was simply known.

That doesn't mean rider or dragon was happy with this lot in life, and after twelve Turns, these "errands" took their toll. Kodi not only realized she would never be seen as anything more than a dark gofer, but that sooner or later, something would go wrong, and it was her hide and Risielth's on the line. The integration of the Oldtimers at Igen and Southern whispered to her of escape, of opportunity, or at least of a fresh slate. Over the course of her last Turn at Telgar, she decided she would rather leave the northernmost Weyr for the southernmost and began to make her applications to both Weyrs' leadership.

Once the transfer was granted, the pair wasted no time. Leaving all but the irreplaceable at Telgar, they blinked into the skies above Southern and began carving out another niche.

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