Location Southern Weyr
Position Wingrider
Dragon Green Ikkasanaith
Birthplace Minor Istan Hold, Oldtime


Kriane stands around 5'6, with a long and lean build. She seems to have filled out, giving her more of an hourglass form, toned muscle adding a small amount of bulk to her twiggy limbs. Her skin is richly tanned and several freckles dot across her nose and cheeks, only slightly darker than her tan. Her eyes are big, bright blue, her light eyebrows are high and neatly shaped, her lips are dark pink, and her face is slightly round, the rest of her facial features being unremarkable but pretty. Her sun-bleached blonde hair is kept right below shoulder-length, neatly plaited and secured with a small green ribbon.

Common Knowledge

Kriane is a greenrider from oldtime Ista Weyr. She has two children.


Katryma, daughter
Takirian, son


Gallery / Icons

Thank you to Palia/Dex player for drawing of baby!Ikky. Check out her DeviantArt account at http://kaleeko.deviantart.com/


Old Livejournal, http://ht-kriane.livejournal.com/

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