Location Igen Weyr
Wing Sirocco
Rank Wingrider
Dragon green Liareth
Firelizards gold Blaze, bronze Mios, bronze Shu, brown Ausir, blue Dedun
Weyrmate R'xim, rider of bronze Shalnth
Craft Harper (Jr. Journeyman, former)
Birthplace Big Bay Hold, 10th Interval
Played By Alexia Fast
Player KyaLia


At 5'9", Kyara stands confident and centered. Toned, yet pleasantly feminine, her athletic build favors strength over speed. She has long legs and is well proportioned, if rather small in the chest - a fact she laments frequently. She has a musician’s hands, nimble-fingered and strong. A closer look reveals calloused fingertips and palms, all the result of years playing stringed instruments and drums. Her knuckles are lightly scarred. Her first explanation will always be that this is from repairing instruments, but in truth, it is as much evidence of past scuffles as her nose is.

Kyara's oval face tapers easily to a somewhat rounded, narrow chin. Her full-lipped mouth is set constantly in a tranquil line that smirks readily. Her nose is slightly off-set to the left (it’s been broken twice, but reset well) and just a tad on the wide side. Dark amber eyes peer out observantly from beneath dark, level brows - one of which (the left) is interrupted by a short, thin scar slanting toward the outer corner of her eye. Her hair, which she usually keeps at a short shoulder-blade length, is a burnished strawberry blonde, straight save for an occasional wave that appears when it gets longer.

Though willing to strike up a conversation and tending toward verbosity, Kyara is fairly soft-spoken. She is compassionate, friendly, and trusting (sometimes to a fault), preferring to give others the benefit of the doubt. She's been called naïve because of this, though she acknowledges it as true. Due to her circumstances at the Harper Hall, she tends to be cautious, protective, and a worrier. She's quick to jump to the defense of those unable to fight for themselves, and just as ready to defend herself - physically or verbally - as the situation demands. Confident in her abilities as both diplomat and fighter, Kyara walks with an air of quiet strength. She's also a terrible romantic, which tends to color her view of most things.

Much of this has been tempered by the harsh realities of dragonrider life during a Pass. Liareth's pragmatism is something she's had to adopt for her sanity's sake, especially while serving as an AWLM. While she retains her kindness and compassionate demeanor, there's no denying that she's had to mature, adopting a viewpoint more realistic than idealistic over the past Turns.

Those with a more outgoing sense of humor may find Kyara easy to tease because she is quite literal and often unsure how to respond. Her own sense of humor can be either dry and straight-faced or cautiously teasing. She embarrasses easily (and readily blushes to show it), but generally isn't easily offended.

Kyara likes to dress simply, but she is also able to don a pretty gown and turn a few heads when she wishes. Her favorite outfit consists of plain trousers and tall leather boots with a flattering shirt in white, cream, or some jewel shade of blue or green. She isn’t much for jewelry, though she can be seen to wear a few things: a paua-shell pendant of deep sapphire blue suspended on a delicate silver chain (a present from her mother), and a diamond-shaped pendant of blackened silver containing the image of a dragon in flight flanked by blue and green paua inlays - one of a set of four she had commissioned for her and three of her closest friends to commemorate their graduation from weyrlinghood.


When in Rome Green Liareth

Splendor of cadence and verse coalesces in Romanesque curves, elegance wrapped in a robe of twining ivy. No Roman nose to be found here; the lyric of her soul's song is writ clear across the concave dish of delicate features, the melody as winsome as the blunted arcs of neckridge and lissome length of tail. Aged-copper verdigris melts lichen down every slope and angle of this master-class beauty, a softness opposed only by the keen edge of bronze-washed spars and talons. Narrow, tapering wings exist in jade glory, the grace note of soulful harmony that gives voice to the ageless soul serene behind demure propriety.


Gold Blaze

Bright shades of a radiant hue distinctly portray this inquisitive queen as a cheerful spirit. Clean streaks of an illuminated neon pour down her shoulders and onto her lengthy back, streaming into a pool of an even brighter color. Gleaming eyes, most often colored a stunning cobalt gaze, watch with much curiosity and wonderment - complimented by a wave of happy chirping laughter.

Bronze Mios

A big, stocky, feral-looking lad, this. Fire-lit copper highlights bright bronze, gilding each joint, curve and angle in remote flame. Wings unfurl like giant sails, his russet-touched body shimmering with every hauntingly easy movement made. Huge paws carry forward each stalking step, a blunt, thick muzzle lowered to seek his trail, questing and determined. Headknobs like a feline's ears seem to twitch, long, graceful tail swings slowly, reddened spade tip flicking hypnotically. Robust yet graceful, this bronze is a warrior in presence, a hunter in cunning and carriage.

Bronze Shu

This little firelizard is always in motion - hopping, fluttering, constantly exploring and getting himself into more trouble than any firelizard has a right to. Even his coloring gives the impression of movement, various hues swirling all over his upper body and wings.

Brown Ausir

The rich black-brown of fertile earth reigns deep and damp an inevitable along every inch of this evenly-proportioned fellow, save in the sun-brightened glint of mahogany rippling across his wings and upon headknobs and eyeridges. Tarnished verdigris touches the fronts of his limbs and the edges of wingspars, emerging with organic grace to brighten the underworld depth of darkness that embraces him. For all the confidence of movement his classical form grants him, he moves about as if in a daze half the time, glittering eyes unfocused as though he has just awoken.

Blue Dedun

Slender is he, svelte as an elf and keen as a direwolf, he is resplendent in physique, perfect in every way. Midnight black wraps his muzzle, reaching up in delicate whisps to fade into midnight blue over cheeks and eye ridges. Recalcent whirling eyes sit deep, contemplative as midnight fades to azure and sapphire both blanketing his hide like a skin made of precious gemstone. A jewel is he, rich and plotting to be richer, the topaz of his neckridges, and the opal of his wingsails nothing to the redoubtable curve of his obsidian claws.


Kyara was born in Big Bay Hold, the only daughter of a Seacrafter, Dekyzan, and a Healer named Nemari. Three brothers - Demad, Zannen, and Cephander - followed in her wake. She began singing almost as soon as she could talk, and started fiddling about with any instrument she was allowed to touch as soon as her coordination allowed. Her parents didn’t wait long to introduce her to the hold Harper, who quickly recognized and began nurturing her innate musical talent. He recommended that she be sent to the Harper Hall at Fort Hold as soon as she came of apprenticeship age. At eight Turns old, she made the journey westward.

She excelled in her studies, becoming adept with both voice and instruments, though her greatest talent was composition. She was a curious, determined, and motivated student. This, coupled with the fact that she was a girl, garnered her some unwanted attention from the other apprentices. After her first few vain attempts to avoid that attention, she refused to stand for it and began fighting back - successfully. She befriended a sympathetic boy from Bitra named Jerrig, who taught her how to fight more effectively as well as how to handle a knife. When necessary, she would come to the defense of the other girls at the hall, but not without insisting that they could and should stand up for themselves as well. She became a Journeyman (one of the Hall's youngest) at seventeen and was posted at Ista Weyr soon after walking the tables.

Then, a Turn later, everything changed, and Kyara had a choice to make - one that landed her in a very different place and time. What made her choose to leave her old life behind? A story for another day.

After being at Igen Weyr for scarcely more than two sevendays, Kyara suddenly found herself thrown into a very unexpected situation: being Searched for Igen's upcoming clutch. The circumstances surrounding her Candidacy were equally unexpected; as a Harper, Kyara had been asked to sing before, but never for a bronze dragon! K'ane's bronze Dhioth persuaded his rider to bring the young Harper to him in the Bowl one evening, and after granting the dragon a brief snippet of song, she found herself handed a new white knot.

Candidacy did indeed transform into Weyrlinghood for Kyara, and Weyrlinghood eventually became riderhood. Liareth looked to her and found who she was searching for…and Kyara now feels as though a void has been filled - one she didn't even know existed. She was tapped into the prestigious Whirlwind Wing upon graduating from Weyrlinghood and remained there until the need to experience combat at lower altitudes prompted her to transfer to Arroyo.

With the 12th Pass now upon them, the hard work the green pair has undertaken is certainly proving its worth - both in the air and on the ground. Kyara often serves as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster and admits to frequently worrying about her effectiveness as an instructor. She always fears for the weyrlings, much as she does when facing Falls (and other challenges) as a fighting rider. However, the strength she gleans from Liareth and her loved ones is all the bolstering she needs to make her courage unwavering. Life is never dull, and she wouldn't have it any other way - even with Thread in the mix.

Common Knowledge

Uncommon Knowledge


Kyara came forward with one of her brothers - Zannen, who departed for Ista Hold the day after they arrived in the present and is now posted at Southern after a stint of "hiding out" at Igen. She was very close to her family in the past and misses them greatly - something that often shows in the tunes she's composed since arriving.

Kyara continues to be close to those she Impressed with:

Other people important to Kyara:

And then there are those Kyara is still figuring out…or truly doesn't like, but knows she'll have to deal with:


Theme Songs

Hercules by Sara Bareilles - A song that hints at a few less-known reasons for Kyara leaving her time behind. Recognition of her own internal battles can be found in these words, as well as the definition of the sort of person she wants to be.

No Fear of Heights by Katie Melua - A reflection of how Kyara views her old life and her new one with Liareth. Also a statement of her love for her lifemate; no matter how often they may argue about things, Kyara still finds herself nearly overwhelmed by the devotion she and Liareth share at times.


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