Location Southern Weyr
Position Smith Sr. Apprentice (SW)
Craft Smithcrafter
Birthplace Telgar
Played By Adam Rodriguez

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[[image /character:Kynedir/kynedir.jpg size="thumbnail" ]]


A young man of average height but who hasn't yet reached his full growth with shoulder length straight black hair, finely arched black eyebrows and just the hint of a mustache (still downy) on his upper lip. Large eyes of a blue-ish green color look out on the world from beneath a thick fringe of long, black lashes. His nose is nicely shaped, not too pert but not hawkish though there is a bit of beakiness to it. Full sensuous lips curl in a perpetual smile though they promise to be quite expressive of his moods. His jaw is somewhat squared with a bit of a point at his slightly cleft chin.
Greyish brown canvas pants are tucked into dark brown wherhide boots and fastened by a thick, wide brown wherhide belt. Pale tan linen shirt blouses over the belt from where it is tucked into the pants. He's got the long sleeves folded up over his well muscled forearms to keep his large hands free for any task.

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Kynedir has had 5 scenes since HT's reboot in April of 2013.

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