Location Southern Weyr
Position Ocelot Wingrider
Dragon bronze Xygemth
Birthplace Cothold near Keroon (Oldtime)
Played By Stefano Masciolini
Player Lucian


The first thing of note with this young man is, well, he's not small. Tall, usually about a handwith taller than most people in a room, his build is barrel-chested and muscular from many Turns in Smithy apprenticeship. His hair is a tangled curled reddish mess, the brilliant red splattered about like a bowl of sauce atop his head. His eyes are the kind of hazel that shifts color in the light and at times appear to do so with his mood. Prominent cheekbones, a nose that perhaps a bit to wide and flat dusted with a couple hundred little freckles of various shades of brown, and a workable set of lips finalize the man.

Hulking Captain of the Badminton Team Bronze Xygemth

The first thing of note with this bronze is, well, he's not small. A strapping beast, with a broad, barrelled torso that tapers into rounded, well-muscled haunches, he has length and girth to spare. A dragon built for battles that will never come, that mighty tail is cast with jagged ‘ridges to partner brawny limbs armed in gunmetal claws. Olive-washed sepia is stretched taut across rippling sinew in a play of dust and shadows, heavy leathern wings a drab coat to cloak this world-weary traveler. A flash of ethereal blue haunts his stony visage, flickering over the rugged crags of beetle brows, beneath an angular jaw, then in and out of narrow nostrils at the end of a short, squat muzzle.

Common Knowledge

  • For a big man, he loves fine woodcrafting, dealing with delicate carvings. He hand-made all the furniture in his weyr.



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