Location Igen Weyr
Position Brown Wingrider
Wing Arroyo
Dragon Camroth
Birthplace High Reaches Area
Played By Marcos Patriota
Player Player


Loiza is 6' tall and has the slim athletic build. He has brown eyes with a hint of mischief in them. He has an angular face that is framed his brown hair and a slight mustache and goatee. He has a darker skin tone, not from a tan.
He is wearing reddish-brown leather pants, a white shirt and a black vest. The vest is decorated on the back with a green and white dragon design. He has a knife on his belt and a throwing knife on each forearm.

Common Knowledge

  • He has a twin brother, Luca.
  • He has connections with the Zingari Trader Clan, having been born into it.
  • He is known to carry a fighting knife and several throwing knives at most times.


  • Luca: He has a very close relationship with his twin brother. It is a bad idea to suggest it is incestuous however.


Loiza was born into the Zingari Trader clan, along with his identical twin Luca. Both were found to be skilled in, and received training in knife-work and dealing with animals. L'za was Searched when he was 16 and Impressed Camroth. He didn't get along with the more conservative leaders at High Reaches Weyr due to his background. Recently things got worse, to the point that L'za and Camroth started to ignore the Weyrleader's existence whenever possible. The cause had something to do with L'za's relationship with his twin brother. Given the friction, it was decided to transfer him elsewhere and they were able to 'foist' him off on Igen.


  • Color: Brown
  • Age: 7 Turns
  • Length: 62'
  • Description: Camroth is on the large end for a brown. He is generally a swirling russet brown but has burn umber highlights around the eyes and along his wing tips.


  • L'za's twin brother.
  • Member of the Zingari Trader Clan, originally from High Reaches area.
  • His betrothal was nullified by the caravan matriarch when he was 16.
  • Played by: Marcio Patriota

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