Location Healer Hall
Position Patient (former SW Headwoman)
Birthplace Nerat Hold
Played By Oprah
Player SW Staff


A matron, make no mistake: Laeiva does not stand tall, but she stands proud, with her skin as polished ebony and the jut of her fierce chin. Her face may swathe with friendly wrinkles in the advent of a smile, but her stern neutrality is the mask typically displayed for the world, impassive, assessing, calm with the coolness of deep-set, dark brown eyes. The years have clad her in child-bearing-borne thickness, the better to match the ample swell of bosom and hip. Her textured hair dances free of the tidy state of her clothes and bearing: wild, free, independent.


Laeiva was born of a pair of Nerat fisherfolk. The fisher life didn't suit her ambition, and a maligned stint at the Harpercraft showed her more of the world - if proving that her fierce intolerance of ineptitude perhaps didn't suit in the confines of a male-dominated craft industry. She went recommended to Southern Boll's main hall, and learned there gentler manners than provided by her rough seaweed history. She married, had three children, and seemed content as an assistant steward for many turns. A farming accident claimed her husband's life shortly after the beginning of the Pass, and after learning to live with her grief she found their shared history impossible to live around.

She found herself at Southern Weyr after a lengthy search, filling the Headwoman position left unfilled in Renalde's absence. Her eldest daughter remained in Boll, but the other children joined her at Southern and grew to adulthood there. The middle daughter is now married and living at Black Rock with her seafarer husband and her children. The youngest Impressed, becoming S'vian, rider of blue Makotath in Tiglon Wing. Sadly, S'vian was killed in 'Fall. This was the start of a series of family disasters. One of her daughters and two of the daughter's three children were killed in the flooding of Black Rock, and the remaining child and her father came to the Weyr with a group from Black Rock but were not allowed to stay. This coincided with an outbreak of serious illness at the Weyr. It was eventually revealed that Laeiva had become severely unbalanced and had been introducing tunnelsnake poison into the Weyr's food. Deemed not responsible for her actions, she is in the care of the Healer Hall.

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