Location Igen Weyr
Position Woman of the Night
Birthplace Someplace, Some Hold
Played By Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey
Player Aojadinth


Wide-eyed and wondering, here is a face as fresh as a spring wildflower: lips unselfconscious in curving innocence, plush; sooty lashes framing hazel eyes all the more unconsciously charming for their utter lack of guile, living dichotomy imbued within the fine lines of her high-cheeked face, framed by a sensuous fall of chestnut-rich hair cascading thoughtless past her shoulders. Long limbed and fine-boned, all of her allure is compounded by her oblivion to it: figure lovely, svelte instead of voluptuous, with her all the more unawares that it exists. For this child of Igen, all the world is laid out to stand in awe thereof, and she wears her naivete as her heart: on her sleeve for all to see.

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