Location Igen Weyr
Position Journeyman Dolphineer
Craft Dolphincraft
Dolphin Zeke
Birthplace Igen Sea Hold (Big Bay)
Played By Agyness Deyn
Player Player


Epicene athleticism washes out any significant feminism that this towering young woman might take advantage of. Topping off at 5'10 Leilani is not willowy…hard muscle strives against the sun-kissed flesh encasing it, muscle earned from Turns of labor at sea as suggested by pronounced shoulders and angular sides. Square of jaw and rather reserved in her expression regardless of mood, Leilani takes androgyny to a masterful level. Unable to boast even a minimal bust and with snowy blond hair a tousled, boyish mop cropped close to her skull, only a skilled eye might detect any ladylike arch to her brows or a certain curvature of hip to suggest a womanly appeal. A twinkle in stormy grey eyes and the deep grooves of laugh lines well-used are all there is to suggest that she might be more merry than morose.

Leilani's preferred style of dress is classic of a wanderer in the desert regions of Igen. Her chosen headgear for protection against the elements is a loose-fitting ghutra, though from time to time she may prefer a thick scarf to bind around her head and neck. Billowing tunics seem to be especially favored, often covered with extended vests and bound at the waist with belts of leather or heavy cloth. Following the trends of Igen, she's typically found in close-fitted breeches and boots made more for function than fashion. A throwback to her true gender, she is fond of rings and bracelets and almost always has accessories carved from bone on finger and wrist. Her clothing is embroidered along its edges with the colors of the Igen region, indicating that she is a Trader from that area.


Where tectonic plates collide and rend abyssal depths, smoky ash flows upward from this dolphin's belly and along his flanks, tugged and stirred by unseen currents. Spider webbing of silver flecked with the white ghosts of mysterious organisms creep and spread out along his muscular peduncle, fading into obscurity at flukes' edges. Alien lights expose stones and formations in varying shades of taupe and slate across a melon etched with white magma bubbling up from the planet's core, sending a cascade of steaming bubbles along flipper and dorsal ridge in an angry protest of reaction and replenishment.

Common Knowledge

  • Known as 'Lani' at Igen Weyr and lives as a man. Yes, she is a cross-dresser, and this is her most closely guarded secret.
  • Has been using her family connections to pass herself off as a Trader while staying at Igen Weyr.
  • Lani is another Igen Weyr pre-Comet collector, focusing specifically on family heirlooms and other jewels…anything forged or carved with technology that the Smithcraft can no longer duplicate. She is also particularly fond of artwork.
  • Lani usually keeps to herself…from a business standpoint she's always known to deliver with charm and expediency but the few Lower Cavern women that have fallen for her ruse and attempted to get close to her have found Lani the man as cold, selfish, egotistical and overly demanding. "You have a fancy for that Trader boy, Lani? Don't let his looks fool you…he doesn't just break hearts, if you know what I mean. Keep your distance." If she's had any lovers, they're not talking…death threats and intimidation are not very moral motivators but they can be effective.


  • Leilani's mother, Haloke, is sister to Tizoc, clan leader of the Tlatoani, which makes her a cousin of N'thu


Leilani was born to Kahiau and Haloke. Her father was a sea captain for the Fishercraft, not ranked as a Master but still a fair fisherman, excelling in navigation and oceanography. Her mother is from Trader stock, specifically the Tlatoani of Igen, sister of Tizoc. With Igen Sea Hold, Haloke and her husband were in a prime position to move black market products along the coastline as well as inland to the Weyr and her family there. They dealt in all kinds of smuggled goods as well as dabbling in more serious crimes, like blackmail and trafficking. As a result, Leilani's childhood was tainted with secrets and darkness. Their chambers were often used to house fugitives and vagabonds, the straw that would finally break the wherry's back.

She was five Turns old when the authorities came for her mother. Lei Lei, as she was known in the hold records, was fostered with her grown brothers because her father as at sea and declared a fugitive from justice. The status of her bloodline should have allowed her privilege and opportunity but her mother's discovery was a mark of shame. Due to her boyish features, even at such a young age of development, her brothers (who refused to acknowledge her mother's side of the family and their own lineage) decided it most profitable to sell her off into drudgery rather than bother with raising her and having to deal with the expense of trying to find her a husband. In an information hub, however, their plans could not remain secret for long and word reached her father of their intentions.

With her uncle also having no interest in bothering with an unskilled little girl, blood or no, Kahiau was allowed to take custody, of course at his own risk. Lei Lei was taken forcibly from her brothers and transported to her father's ship. But Kahiau was a pirate…and women were not tolerated on a pirate's ship. So he had to pass her off as his son to ensure her safety. For eleven Turns Leilani grew and learned all of her father's skills, both as a captain and a skilled oceanographer. She learned about currents, navigation and meteorology (to a much lesser extent). She learned how to fight and how to swear, how to conceal her true nature from men who would have slit her throat if they had had any inkling of what she was. She became tough and she started to believe her own lie.

Lani was sixteen when the Fishercraft's coastal guard finally caught up with her father's boat. It was a concentrated sting effort that resulted in a frenzied escape to sea, driving full sail into one of the worst tropical storms of the season in a wild attempt to shake off pursuit. The odds of escape were not good but the odds of the ship's survival were even worse and the ocean won the battle. The boat was ripped to pieces and a majority of the crew assumed dead. Lani was assumed to be one of the victims but her salvation came from a very unexpected source. Tossed and turned by violent waters, she eventually lost her grip on the piece of driftwood to which she clung and would have drowned had it not been for the shipfish that caught her up and sped to calmer seas.

Thus her introduction to the Dolphincraft was made. She was taken to the dolphin's partner, where she learned that dolphineers still existed and that shipfish could, in fact, actually talk. The journeymen that took her into their care did not try to pry into her background. They kept her safe and took her extensive early training and expanded on it, making an apprentice out of her. She graduated as a journeyman at the age of 22, an under the table promotion since the Craft had no official record of her existence except the Tillek's knowledge of her own dolphin partner, Zeke. Most of her Turns as a dolphineer-in-training were spent in deep resentment…once again she had stepped into the shoes of one forgotten, swept under the rug as obsolete and of no particular value. She and her teachers took odd jobs wherever they could find pay or favors and even posing as a man could not help her in a craft where there was no perceived value with the oncoming menace of Thread.

So with a heart burning bitterly and with many unresolved inner conflicts (and a drama llama on her back!), Lani has reached the present. Feeling that the time had finally come to show her uncle she still lives, she has left her dolphin partner to scout the coastlines for news of the changing tide of affairs in Pern, to spy and to listen for her while she travels to Igen Weyr, seeking some way to prove herself and perhaps even finding a way to make the biggest score in Pernese history.

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