Location Igen Weyr
Position Guard Recruit
Birthplace Origin
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While neither particularly tall nor particularly short, Livvy makes up for this lack of notability by being possessed of a sturdy athleticism and a no-nonsense attitude. She is brunette, with hair glossy and straight, neat whether it falls below her shoulders or is bound up in a runner-tail at the back of her head. Her face is oval, round through the cheekbones and defined at the chin, and while no one of her features individually merits note the combination together is a pleasant one. Her eyebrows, a clean arch the same dark brown of her hair over hazel eyes; her nose, fine through the bridge and wide at the base to balance the slightly over-generous set of lips and mouth.

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Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Kitchen Courtyard Commiseration February 24, 2014 Mayte, Veresch, and Livvy Mayte and Livvy share some commiseration in the Courtyard, and Veresch cadges a drink.