Location Igen Weyr
Position Wingrider
Craft (If Crafter)
Dragon Blue Oroqaith
Birthplace Tillek Area
Played By Bear Grylls
Player Player


Standing a robust six foot two inches, M'yck is a lean, physically fit individual with a lively air about him. Very shortly cropped brown hair sits chaotically atop a slightly creased forehead. Thin, slender eyebrows house small hazel eyes which often find themselves in a faint squint. This creates the almost constant effect of a focused stare. His facial features can be explained as angular and sharp. A slender, pointed nose leads down to thin lips with a purposeful grin. Covering his cheeks and distinct jaw line is short, stubbly, facial hair suggesting a gritty, hardy lifestyle.

Common Knowledge

Abrasive and sharp edged, M'yck is not exactly the life of the party. Converse with at your own risk.


Has been seen hovering around Zeyta with a scowl.


Having originally come from a trader caravan, M'yck ended up at High Reaches Weyr when the plague struck the land. After establishing it as his new home, the young man found himself signing up to serve as Guard within the Weyr. After a few Turns of duty, he was plucked to Stand for a clutch, and wound up Impressing blue Oroqaith.

The details, however, are far less known.

Gallery / Icons

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Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Finally... THEY'RE HEEEEEEREEEE! April 04, 2013 Br'er, N'thu, Jesha, Sadaiya, M'yck, W'rin, Nell, Riyn, M'rgin, Rhaeyn, Eth'n, Alys, Zeyta, W'rin, Ri'enn, Lendai, N'thu, Ravene, Lanti, G'deon, Sara, Q'fex, Tuli Nowtimers arrive! Nowtimer assessment: "Ma'am, you sure do have a lot of prostitutes in the 10th Interval."
Bad Vibes April 22nd 2013 W'rin, Tuli, M'yck and Jesha A future rider gets along fitfully with the current batch. Then he leaves, and they grouse.
Gone Away, Gone Ahead May 20, 2013 Tuli, M'yck, Hannah, W'rin, Sh'z, Zeyta, Jesha The second Jump group leaves home.
Drinks, Post-Jump May 20, 2013 M'yck, Zeyta After the second wave leaves, M'yck and Zeyta discuss the immediate future
Last of the Last May 28, 2013 M'yck, Zeyta The Quiet Corners are not so quiet anymore
Cantina Part 1 June 13, 2013 Alwyn, Alesa, Zeyta, M'yck, Shea A discussion that was interrupted briefly by a…storm.
Dresses and Politics June 23, 2013 Sienna, Syteran, N'thu, M'yck, Mailli, Webley, Yulena Webley and the girls talk about a dress getting cut, M'yck ruins all the fun. Talk turns to Vergora at the very end.
Mirror Mirror June 26, 2013 Sienna, M'yck Sienna and M'yck…talk. Or something.
Coming to Terms June 30, 2013 M'yck, Zeyta M'yck and Zeyta sort out their troubles.
Hiding Out July 2, 2013 Zeyta, M'yck Accused of murder, Zeyta hides out. M'yck finds her.
Unusual Characters (Even for the Bazaar) June 8, 2013 Cullen, Riyn, M'yck, Webley, K'vvan Webley is hanging out in the bazaar and meets some unusual people. Sort of.
At the pleasure of the Weyrleader July 9, 2013 Teyaschianniarina, Sadaiya, M'yck, W'rin A break from work in the Galleries on Teya and Sadaiya's parts … ends up with new jobs on M'yck and W'rin's. Some are more pleased than others.
Why You Just Don't Mess With the Guard July 11, 2013 K'vvan, M'yck, W'rin, Sienna M'yck blocks K'vvan's path and things get swiftly out-of-hand.
Young Grasshoper All Grown Up July 14, 2013 M'yck, Nika Nika finds M'yck for the first time since before the jump. The time isn't the only thing that has changed.
A Shocker of a Hatching(Galleries View) July 12, 2013 V'odk, R'um, B'rand (NPCS), We'bey, Vashae, Kyara, Samakar, I'yn, Haydin, Sadaiya, W'rin, N'thu Teyaschianniarina, Kanga, Sienna, Syteran, Jharlodar, Eollyn, Aaron, Cerise, Erikkhan, Donner, Sara, Yulena, Ri'enn,Arianne, Nell, M'yck Igen Weyr's first PC Hatching (Including Galleries RP/View)
A Party to Remember July 12, 2013 NPC: OCConelly, Erikkhan, Sara, Malaia, M'yck, Yulena, Donner, Sadaiya, Aaron, Sienna, Kanga, Q'fex, Alesa, Tanmorand,Q'fex,Tuli A seemingly standard after hatching party becomes more memorable as Old and Nowtimer Crafters clash.
A Matter of Manners June 23, 2013 Khaida, M'yck, Vezre Khaida accidentally, almost, runs into Vezre and M'yck is scolded for his manners. Not really.
Baiting K'vvan July 22, 2013 Mayte M'yck K'vvan Eollyn Guard M'yck tries to get K'vvan to lose his temper and only intervention by a Mayte stops a fight.
Of Thread and Deception July 13, 2013 Malaia, M'yck, W'rin (I don't have the first part) W'rin interrupts a conversation between M'yck and Malaia about the jump forward.
Tourney Talk October 4th, 2013 Kyara, Sienna, K'vvan, Mayte, Shea, M'yck Greenriders form a team for mock Threadfall. Mayte wants to volunteer; Shea joins the fray, and M'yck is…M'yck.
Cantina Clutter October 14, 2013 Maryam, Mayte, M'yck, O'ell, Sienna, Tuli, W'rin, Zeyta An eclectic crowd filters in and out of the Cantina. Tensions are typical.
Getting Nowhere October 18th, 2013 Kyara, M'yck Two riders happen across each other on the Lake Shore. Liareth picks the wrong blue to try playing with.