Location Igen Weyr
Position Senior Weyrling
Dragon Blue Dyxath
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Sasha Alexander
Trope The Spock
Alignment Lawful Good


Majel might best be called attractive rather than beautiful, features symmetrically pleasing. Wavy, honey-brown hair, lightly limned from constant exposure to Igen's sun, has been cropped close in a wavy pixie, left longer over her ears to curl just so at the edges. Almond-shaped, hazel eyes are a soft mixture of warm browns and greens. She's otherwise all angles and small curves, somewhere between tall and short, limbs growing firm with muscle as weyrlinghood progresses.

Majel's first set of flying leathers is simple but fitted neatly in stark lines of warm, undyed brown. There's a jacket and helmet present when called for; otherwise, fitted twill trousers and a long-sleeved shirt of goldenrod linen ensure her attire meets weyrlinghood regulations, feet clad in a solid pair of slightly worn boots.

Affixed neatly about one shoulder is the knot of the Igen senior weyrling wingleader, interwoven with a strand of darkest blue.


Acapella ACME Agent Blue Dyxath
The rumpled drape of trenchcoat wings wearily wraps the seamless structure of this creature of contrast, this blue's blue, this rough-edged midnight marvel marked by the fog of a different age. Self-possessed are the shadows cast down cigar-chewing snout by cannily-canted eyeridges, all the better to ill-obscure a canvassing gaze leveled by narrowed eyes. Lean-limbed but for the boxy bulk of serviceable shoulders, his cloth is cut a little too-long through the frame, though he's as far from gawky as sharp-angled headknobs are to the sprawling length of his tail. He's seen it all, this midnight-blue, and wears such jaded experience as well as he does the subtlety of pinstripe patterning, all but obscured beneath the washed-out illumination of weatherbeaten wings.

Trope: Hardboiled Detective

Common Knowledge

  • Majel is bluntly honest, highly intelligent and like her dragon, an excellent observer of others.
  • Stood twice for Igen before Impressing blue Dyxath in the first turn of the Twelfth Pass.
  • A skilled tailor who was once "co-owner" of a stall in the bazaar for six turns running with portly, graying merchant Neb, she ran the shopfront while he networked and bartered for supplies.
  • Majel is particularly close to one of the weyr's elder seamstresses, who taught her many of the tools of her trade.



A nowtimer who has spent all of her twenty-two turns in Igen, Majel's the daughter of a brownrider and a nanny, neither of whom cared to have a significant hand in her upbringing. She's known to have formed a strong attachment to one of the older seamstresses who taught her some skills to pay the bills, and co-ran a small tailoring stall in the bazaar for about six turns while its owner used his business hours to network and haggle with other merchants for supplies.

Bright, hardworking and fairly critical of those around her, Majel doesn't make it easy for people to get to know her terribly well. Being unexpectedly asked to stand for a second time nevertheless forced her to reach out and try to form relationships with the other candidates, unlike her stint at sixteen. Impression to blue Dyxath wasn't something that she saw coming until he tripped in front of her and sealed the deal.


Gold Organza
Soft hues of champagne and white-golds drape delicately over a finely arched neck, sculpted face and lithe form. There's a shy elegance to her movements, rosy blushes just staining the edges of paper-thin wingsails and trailing down her back to curl into the point of her tail. Gently inquisitive, her disposition is generally pleasant, manners polite as if almost rehearsed.

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