Location Southern Weyr
Position Jr. Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Rhiscorath
Birthplace Benden Hold
Played By Michelle Rodriguez
Player Yulena


Of average height and slender build, Mayte shows muscle definition. Long, charcoal hair is parted to one side, wispy bangs feathering over her forehead. Dark eyes slant downwards slightly, giving her an almost sad expression over a relatively cute nose. Mayte's rounded lips can purse irritably or widen into a glorious smile, all encapsulated in a heart-shaped face. Her skin is a light caramel colour, slightly darker in sun-kissed areas of her face and arms.
A dark grey shirt smooths over Mayte's curves, the v-neck showing a glimpse of collarbone. The sleeves stop half-way up her forearms, giving her arms a lean look. A simple metal necklace curls around her neck, without much design or embellishment. The shirt disappears into a belted tight pair of black pants, which in turn flow into black, calf-high boots with an inch of heel. Her only other jewelry is a thumb-width wide leather bracelet around her left wrist, using only a leather thong to keep it together.

Common Knowledge

  • From a girl who Stood for a clutch dressed as a boy, Mayte has Impressed gold Rhiscorath. Don't lend her books.
  • Possibly already likely knows what you like to drink.
  • Being right looks good on Mayte. She knows it, and likes it.
  • Mayte sucks at children. Utter fail. Her kryptonite.


Mayte was born in the Nowtime at Benden Hold and was apprenticed at VintnerHall before being posted at Igen Weyr. One memorable Hatching was when Mayte chopped her locks to sneak on to the Sands, pretending to be a boy. She didn't Impress, and then didn't return to the Sands for a long time after.
Seasons changed and grapes were pressed with regularity until Elicheritath went up. When the queen went to clutch, the sire's rider emerged from the sands and called her to Stand as a Candidate again - while the clutch was still being laid. On those crisp sands, gold Rhiscorath sorted and filed Mayte under 'M', for 'Mine'.
As a head-strong goldrider, the young woman grew into the straight-forward but polished woman a Weyr needs. And just in time, because in Rhiscorath's fifth Turn, the gold rose as the only active gold at Igen, putting Mayte into the position as Senior Weyrwoman at the tender age of 23 Turns. Through trades and gold eggs, she wasn't alone for long but then Mayte moved to Benden Weyr.
Not long before her 30th Turn, Mayte was travelling to Southern to offer one of her Juniors to help out but instead, Mayte ended up staying and Rhiscorath is just dying to organize Southern Weyr and taste those delectable romance books people keep leaving about…


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