Location Igen
Position Trader (Chef/Baker)
Played By Alexis Bledel
Player Seshat


A slim woman; the sort you might expect to disappear if she turns sideways at the wrong moment. The structure of her face is equally with high cheekbones and a patrician nose. It's her eyes that are hard, staring out at the world in a solid ice blue. She also has the barest posssible tan for someone who lives in the Igen area. In comparison, she often seems pale.

While one might expect a woman to wear loose and flowing clothes, Meztli must do the opposite. The brightly hued tunic and pants that she wears tends to cling to the body, with the pants tucked into boots that come up almost to the knee. When she's not cooking though, a robe is often thrown over her clothing with a hood and mask to keep the sand away.

Common Knowledge

  • She has a spice collection that rivals even that of a Major Hold Chef
  • She rarely actually has meals; she taste tests food and new recipes, so really has no need.
  • she never drinks klah - only herbal teas or palate cleansing drinks.




Meztli has always been a member of the Tlatoani caravan because she's family plain and simple. Her mother, and her mother's mother and… well, as far back as she can remember they've been the cooks and bakers for the clan. They collect spices and recipes from all over Pern and tend to specialize in 'local' or ethnic foods.

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