Milosh has had 21 scenes since creation in September 2017.

Location Igen Weyr
Position Zingari Spy Adept/Actor
Caravan Zingari Caravan, Armida Clan
Birthplace The Great Central Desert
Played By Zebedee Row

Common Knowledge

Call him Milo and you'll make an enemy, he prefers his full name
He's very bisexual, and the epitome of a charming ass.
He can be a sweetheart when he wants to be, but he's deadly
He's a crazy good Actor
He's from the Armida Clan
He's Echo's husband.
Echo is pregnant with his child.
He's got a wicked bromance with A'lira

Not So Common Knowledge

Milosh was married once, with a kid and everything. Firehead took both wife and child. And now that Echo is pregnant he's got an irrational fear that the past will repeat itself.
Beneath the seemingly easy going charmer lies a complicated and prideful man

Classified Information

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