Location Igen Weyr
Position Zingari Spy Adept/Prostitute/Actor
Caravan Zingari Caravan, Armida Clan
Birthplace The Great Central Desert
Played By Zebedee Row

Milosh has had 4 scenes since creation in September 2017.

Common Knowledge

  • Call him Milo and you'll make an enemy, he prefers his full name
  • He's very bisexual, and the epitome of a charming ass.
  • He can be a sweetheart when he wants to be, but he's deadly
  • He's a crazy good Actor
  • He's also a Zingari 'Escort'
  • He's from the Armida Clan
  • He's an on again off again lover of Igraine's
  • He's also a lover of A'lira's

Not So Common Knowledge

  • Milosh was married once, with a kid and everything. Firehead took both wife and child. He never speaks of this, and his clansmen wouldn't dare bring it up.
  • Milosh is an instructor in the arts of seduction, it's not something he broadcasts, but if you ask the right questions…
  • Beneath the seemingly easy going charmer lies a complicated and prideful man

Classified Information

Attention: You must have level five access to view the information below….just kidding!

Theme Song



Though this man does not top six feet, he looks taller, though only just an inch or two shy. His long brown hair surrounds his face like a thick curtain, setting off the azure colored orbs set in his eye sockets. He has a feminine jaw, and a pretty face just barely covered by a light goatee. He is full of lean muscle that dusts his whole frame, bulging slightly at the arms and thighs. He's light colored for a child of the desert, but never seems to burn.

Milosh is bedecked in traditional desert wear. A light, emerald green vest covers his chest, though cover could be considered a strong word here, and billowing, loose black pants grace his bottom, tied to his waist with a green and silver sash. His feet are protected by a thick pair of sandals. What's not so traditional is the beads and feathers woven into his masses of hair and the multicolored, corded bracelets woven around the curve of his wrists. He wears rings on more than a few fingers and his eyes are lined in kohl.



This hide dossier contains sensitive information on the people Milosh has encountered.


A Record of Milosh's Adventures