Location Igen Weyr
Position Arroyo Wingrider
Dragon Green Roxeauth
Birthplace Keroon (Oldtime)
Played By Alex James
Player Kali


Standing tall at six foot two, this man is broad-shouldered, chest tapering into a narrow waist. He's got that slim muscular build of someone with muscles toned through work, but not worked on excessively, without any hint of unnecessary fat. His hair is dark brown and shaggy, reaching to the bottoms of his ears at its longest; the fringe has been cut short enough to reach his dark eyebrows. His face is square with a rounded chin, a short beard helping to soften the harshness of his jawline, accompanied by a moustache kept trimmed to the same length as the beard. The first hints of silver-grey hairs are apparent at his temples, and a few can be made out in his facial hair. His dark brown eyes are warm, almond-shaped in his tanned face. Overall, his demenour is gentle and unassuming.

Common Knowledge

Stuff most people who know N'iel will know about him.

  • He's a quiet, reserved man, but warm in personality.
  • He's an Oldtimer, though isn't very vocal about it.
  • Has an accent that is mostly Istan, but with hints of Keroon.
  • He was in Liger Wing from when he arrived up until he became an AWLM.
  • Has been an AWLM since the fourth month of the 11th Turn. His first clutch was Khalyssrielth and Nokteryth's.

Uncommon Knowledge

Stuff most characters probably won't know. They may find out via playing with him, or you can message me if you feel your character would have a relationship with N'iel such that they might know some of this info!

  • Has no remaining family that he's aware of.
  • Hasn't returned to Ista since jumping forward in time.


Getting there! Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss some sort of relationship between N'iel and your character - he has been at Southern for over a decade now, so I'm happy to work out how they know each other and what their relationship is like!


N'iel was born as Aloniel in Oldtime Keroon, and was an apprentice Herder first in Keroon for three Turns, before moving to the Herder Hall at High Reaches. He then Stood at High Reaches Weyr, having been "Searched" by goldrider Lendai. At this hatching, he was mauled badly on both his legs. After a recovery period, he returned to his craft - though not for long, as he was Searched by M'erc's blue Hydasnth a few months later. The clutch was that of his half-brother's bronze - T'ab's Tyroth - at Ista Weyr. It was a nice reunion for the brothers, and a very happy one indeed when N'iel Impressed green Roxeauth from that clutch.

The pair, quiet, uncertain rider and vivacious dragon, made their way through Weyrling training, graduating into the Wings. Despite his green's outgoing nature, N'iel managed not to stand out too much. The pair spent many Turns at Ista Weyr, never aiming higher than Wingrider. N'iel was the sort who didn't like too much attention (something Roxeauth never could understand). It kept them out of trouble though!

When the future riders arrived and warned of the future that Pern faced, N'iel made the difficult decision to jump forward in time. He had few connections in present-time Pern beyond T'ab, and had no children that he knew of. He and Roxeauth made the long jump, arriving in the future and making a new start for themselves. N'iel couldn't face the thought of living at an Ista Weyr that was no longer the one he knew, and so he and Roxeauth settled at New Southern Weyr - a similar enough climate to that which they were used to.

They've spent the last years getting along at Southern Weyr, gradually intermingling with the Newtimers and getting used to a very different way of life. Roxeauth is more than happy with being able to fight Thread and look fabulous doing it; N'iel sometimes pines for the quieter life they had back in their own time.


N'iel has a Livejournal of his old logs and some vignettes if you want to delve deep into the past. For some reason, I never posted any of his logs after Impression, but if I ever find them on a hard drive I probably will get them uploaded somehow.

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