Location Igen Weyr
Position Senior Dragonhealer
Craft Harper [pre-impression]
Dragon bronze Yhraeth
Birthplace Southern Boll Hold
Played By Jeff Goldblum


Nature and nurture have conspired between themselves to paint this man swarthy-skinned, a rich mellow caramel that owes as much to genetics as the severity of sunlight. Impeccably well-groomed, there is a sense of some magical diminishing when he sits, as the full height of him seems inevitably daunting versus the cavalier gentleman he otherwise presents. When he wears a beard, he wears it well, the same silver-chased dark as his hair. There's been a point over the past thirty turns of dragonriding that have brought spectacles to his face, a rueful necessity: they do little to hide the animated brown of his eyes, balancing his face against the jut of a possibly overlarge nose and a mouth made for smiling.


Shy on fifty turns ago, a weaver wife in Southern Boll gave birth to a squalling baby boy: her second and last child. He would grow up to be a gangly youth not-so-briefly enamoured with the Harpers (he always looked good in blue), apprenticed to that august craft long enough to crest the beginning of his journeyman's project at the fine young age of seventeen… only to be abruptly snapped up by Igen's searchdragons. It's a hazy story, the classic story of being somewhere you're not supposed to, doing what you're not supposed to do, and going through with something to prevent it getting back to all the people who don't need to know what you've been doing. But senior apprentice Linken left the Igen sands a sevenday later N'kn — (en-ken) — of a diminutive bronze Yhraeth, with a personality much bigger than his frame. It was a fun letter to write home, let's just say. The rest is history. A long history of riding with Igen, a reluctant apprenticeship to the dragonhealers well over two decades ago that turned into a fascination with rehabilitation, a few kids, the loss of dearly loved ones. Life. He's a senior dragonhealer as of current, with all the foibles and ticks of a life well-lived, and a well of life still yet to be lived.


- Were you around Southern Boll circa turn 66 through turn 79? He was a snot-nosed brat.
- Did you happen to be a Harper at the main hall from turn 79 through 84? He was an aspiring performance Harper.
- Did you Impress in Igen's clutch of 84? N'kn's a clutchmate.
- Were you part of the fateful trip from current time to Oldtime a few turns prior to the start of the Pass? N'kn was there.
- Are you from Igen (or surrounding areas) and don't have a known dad? If you're under 30, it might be N'kn.
- Has your dragon had an injury in the last twenty-five turns? N'kn may have worked on it.
- FREEFORM: page me, I love hooks.

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