Location Southern Weyr
Position Jaguar Wingrider
Dragon Bronze Tozkoth
Craft Former Dolphineer
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Played By Nick Jonas
Player Ooni


As his dragon has grown, so has N'ox. Broad shoulders and muscles are filling out in his lean athletic form. His skin remains tanned, maybe a few nicks and bruises from the rigours of dragonriding. His brown curls are cropped short, and he regards the world through a pair of warm hazel eyes. His face is pleasing, with a large nose and a full mouth, tapering into a strong jaw and chin with a bit of stubble. He has two ears, and his eyebrows are dark but otherwise unremarkable. Boyishness lingers in the tilt of his smile, ruggedness settling in around the chiseled edge of his jaw.

Common Knowledge

  • Strong swimmer. Used to be a dolphineer.
  • If you can't find him, try the beach.
  • Recently graduated out of weyrlinghood.


  • Th'res - Clutchmate. Bro.
  • Amani - Clutchmate. She can swim!
  • Rh'ysar - Clutchmate. Wildling. Respect.
  • Odesse - Journeyman dolphineer, posted at Southern. She makes nice maps.
  • His two best friends that are riders at Ista Weyr.
  • A few dolphins.


A flight baby, he was born and raised on the black volcanic sands of Ista Weyr. He has never known his father, although his mother Alondra, a tall vision of a greenrider, told him that he was a bluerider from a different Weyr.

With the encouragement of a journeyman he befriended during an unsuccessful candidacy at Ista, where both of his best friends impressed, he went on to become an apprentice dolphineer.

He was searched by R'zel and bronze Verokanth and shipped off to Southern Weyr, impressing Tozkoth.

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