Location Southern Weyr
Position Impressed Journeyman
Craft Weaver
Dragon Green Kaiyth
Birthplace Southern Boll
Played By Sushmita Sen
Player Mistered


A mass of thick, black hair hangs loosely to end just below her shoulders, brown highlights the result of hours spent in the sun. There are no bangs to hide the height of her forehead or the lightly bronzed complexion of her skin, leaving the view shallow arch of her eyebrows and the glint of chestnut eyes uninterrupted. Her nose carries only the faintest hint of an upturn that sets off the fullness of her lips and the gentle curve of her chin. She's not exeedingly tall, barely reaching five foot eight, but she lacks nothing in grace and ease of movement. Her build is somewhere in the middle of rounded and muscular, with the hint of softness around her midsection an along her upper arms.

Common Knowledge

  • She can be a bit on the proper side at times.
  • Finds humor in strange places.
  • Can usually be found sketching while people watching.
  • Loves flowers.
  • Adores adventure.
  • Willing to go just about anywhere and try almost anything.
  • Practical about clothing but doesn't have much of a sense of conventional modesty.
  • Her work is also one of her hobbies.
  • Has traveled quite a bit.
  • Lacks a healthy fear of anything.
  • Very much believes that women are completely equal to men.


Arlemond- Not much of a sense of humor or much of a conversationalist. Fun to try to irritate, though!
Nevik- Frustratingly certain of his own ineptitude. Would like to have five minutes with whoever convinced him he was that much of a clutz!
Kultir- Self sufficient, a talented hunter, and not bad to talk to. Always plans the best trips into the wild (porcines not withstanding).
Prymelia- Such a dear and talented with small work! Lovely to be around.
Yules- Very practical but has great stories. Her dragon has an interesting sense of fashion.
Sevreni- A bartender with a sense of style.
Linden- Little brother figure. He's going to unwittingly break a lot of hearts one day! For now, if you need a lesson in having fun he's the one to go to.
Nathanael- Another little brother figure and just as hard to say no to as Linden. Going to be another heartbreaker if he maintains that sweet personality!
Dione-First person Niyati has ever witnessed being searched and such fun to be around.
Quentin- Still another that could fit the little brother role. Fun to be around but mischevous.
Renalde- Can someone pull that stick out? What an absolutely infuriating man. Hard to maintain one's calm around and be respectful to.
Sabina-What a lovely woman, even if she doesn't realize it. Doesn't pay enough attention to fashion, which is a crime considering her looks. Far too humble but incredibly nice.
T'ral-Probably the first streaking dragonrider Niyati has ever seen but knows how to peel tubers and doesn't mind giving candidate's lessons in both that and defining respect.


Niyati's parents were weavers, so it seemed only natural that she follow in their footsteps. Even at an early age she had an eye for fashion and her parents became her teachers as they traveled from place to place. By the time she would have entered into an apprenticeship she had become so accustomed to travel that staying in one place- especially a place she'd already been to so many times- seemed like a stifling proposition. She continued to travel with her parents until opportunity and decision led her to Southern Weyr.

During Niyati's first turn at the Weyr, she was searched by Yules' brown Desmeth as well as asked to make her very first dragon hat. Candidacy was spent in Southern Hold, helping those constructing and readying the place for habitation. She became friends with a small group of fellow candidates as well as new residents and the days passed by in a whirl of activity. The hatching loomed ever nearer until, in the midst of Autumn's first storm, she found herself on the sands and soon facing her very own lifemate. Kaiyth.

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