Location Southern Weyr
Position Assistant Headwoman
Birthplace Telgar Hold
Played By Coco Rocha


She's 5'8" and slim, thin limbs boasting little strength and figure sporting only modest curves. Her complexion is pale beneath a weak tan, vulnerable to excessive sun. In the heat, her brown hair is often pulled back or coiled neatly behind her head, but when left loose it reaches her shoulders with just a touch of natural wave. She's probably a pretty girl, but perhaps not a memorable one, with delicate features, flat cheeks and a fine mouth. There might be something cool about her blue eyes, but her expressive face can quickly transform icy austerity to jovial warmth.

Nora tends toward feminine clothes; while not necessarily revealing, they probably don't cover as much as a nowtimer would think they should. Skirts reach to her knees, necklines tease somewhat immodestly, tailoring skims her narrow waist to make the most of her curves. Her preferred palette leans toward the colorless, clean rather than drab, with white, gray and black making up the majority of her wardrobe and splashes of vibrant accents to be found in a scarf or belt or bangle, in brilliant pink or sunny yellow or rich ocean teal. All in all, she tends to look rather polished, right down to her heeled shoes.

Common Knowledge

After coming forward, and then south, with her bluerider brother, Nora secured a position as Renalde's assistant through a campaign of insubordinate helpfulness and infuriating competence.

  • Oldtimer, pretty cheeky for a woman.
  • Striking dresser; if the palette and tailoring doesn't catch attention, the bare calves might.
  • Organized and ambitious, full of plans!


  • B'nari: brother, rider of blue Tinsrath
  • Bailey: I'm going to guess she's one of those riders who impressed… up?
  • Cerise: I love her like a sister.
  • D'tri: I don't know what everyone else is talking about.
  • E'don: Cerise's friend.
  • Hannah: Partner in brainstorming!
  • Lisette: Is she just bored or young or…?
  • Prymelia: How did she convince Renalde to build her that wagon?
  • Renalde: Boss. Bossy. He does keep me on my toes.
  • T'ral: I can probably imagine what it's like to have Renalde as a father.
  • Th'seus: I'm glad he's a wingleader. I hope he claims Cerise when they're ready.
  • V'dean: Are we… dating?
  • Yules: There's more to her than klah and dead stuff.



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