Location Area
Position Rank
Craft (If Crafter)
Dragon (If Dragonrider)
Birthplace Ista Hold
Played By Played By
Player Mailli


Shoulder length hair is a mess of unruly curls that frame a heart shaped face. Bright eyes that shine with curiosity rest one on either side of a smallish nose. A slight scar mars Novi's chin, drawing attention to a mouth that gives the illusion of an upside down smile. Novi is tan from long hours spent out of doors while she is toned, and fit from long hours spent swimming.

Common Knowledge

It's common knowledge that Novi plays every bit as hard as she works/studies. She adores working with dolphins, and loves every moment she spends with the large aquatic animals.


Novi comes from a large family. Beyond that? Relationships remain to be determined.


Born in a small cothold on Ista Island, Novi is the youngest of nine children. With seven older brothers, and two older sisters Novi was determined she would be more than a fisherman's wife like her mother and two sisters. It was with that determination that she joined the Dolphincraft where she discovered her knack for navigation and cartography. Though she's not sure which she enjoys most right now. After attaining the rank of senior apprentice, Novi transferred to the Southern hall to learn more from Dolphincrafters that have a more accepting view of women in crafts.

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